Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Special Called Board Meeting - TODAY

At last week's Regular Board Meeting Supt. Davis announced a Special Called Board Meeting for December 3, 2019.

Today I read a Facebook message about a Special Called Board Meeting for TODAY.

I wondered immediately whether it might concern school safety issues (it doesn't), in view of last week's threatened shooting involving Ridge View High School. There was an article in The State but never any follow-up.

The Board will convene at 5:00PM and go right into Executive Session. Two matters will get their attention. 1. Contractual Matter Regarding Regarding Energy Management Performance Contract and 2. Litigation Update

The public portion of today's Special Called Board Meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:00PM.

No Public Participation Segment is planned.

"New Business - No Action Requested" will include two topics: Parliamentary Procedure and Discipline Update.

My reservation for Robert's Rules of Order is ready for pick-up, so I'll grab it on the way into the meeting. I wonder whether my harping on the need for a Parliamentarian has done some good.