Friday, May 20, 2022

How did Holmes contribute to the 4/28/22 chaos?

Be sure to read yesterday's article in The Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County about the chaos at the April 28th executive session of the school board. It is an excellent article by Debra McCown.

McCown provides detail not included in other media releases. You'll be able to understand better what led to the chaos that afternoon.

The public (and board members) have witnessed the months of disrespect shown by Teresa Holmes to Lashonda McFadden. Teresa has cut Lashonda off in board meetings, spoken to her in a condescending manner, over-talked her at many meetings. 

Why would Teresa laugh while Lashonda was speaking during the meeting? 

Why would Teresa say, "“Finish your statement, honey. Do what you gotta do.”  

Why would Teresa say, “Little girl, little girl, little girl”?

Why would Teresa say, “And what you gonna do, boo? So, what you gonna do? Do it! Do it!”

Why would Teresa egg Lashonda on and the count the "crimes"?

The Board's lack of knowledge of parliamentary procedure has contributed to the chaos. The District spent a lot of money on two "executive-coaching" sessions that produced nothing in the way of improved behavior by Teresa. 

Teresa's term-of-office as Board Chair runs out June 28. What will happen at the next three meetings?

I've believed for a long time that you can't pick a fight and then cry "Victim". If you stick your jaw out and say, "Hit me. Hit me" and then get hit, you're going to lose in court.

If someone is tailgating you and you brake-check that driver, you will not collect from his (or her) insurance. Don't believe me? Try it.

Election of Officers - June 28

                                                        (June 29, 2021 Election of Officers)

At the second school board meeting in June (June 28, 2022), the board will elect its officers for the School Year 2022-2023. Whom will the board nominate this year? More correctly asked, whom with The Core Four elect this year?

You may remember the election for the current year's officers (Chair, ViceChair, Secretary). At the June 29, 2021 board meeting I implored the trustees to elect only fully-qualified board members as officers.

Last year Teresa Holmes and Amelia McKie were not fully-qualified board members. As of that date neither had taken the oath-of-office legally. And they still haven't!!! Yet the Core Four elected Holmes as Chair and McKie as Secretary.

The entire June 29, 2021 board meeting can be viewed by clicking on the image above or using this link:

My comments during public participation start at 16:30 on the timer ribbon.

When nominations opened, Trustee Manning immediately nominated Teresa Holmes as chair. That can be viewed at 1:22:25 on the timer. Manning was nominated and elected as Vice Chair. Then Caution-Parker nominated a second unqualified person, Amelia McKie, as Secretary, and The Core Four elected her!

So much for legality; right?

Why did Manning nominate Holmes? Why did the superintendent accept that nominatin? Why did the majority of the board elect Holmes? (That's an easy one to answer; but had Holmes recused herself from the vote, rather than voting for herself, the vote would have 3-3, and her nomination would have failed.) Why did Caution-Parker nominated a peson less than fully-qualified. Again, an easy question to answer.

I was going to trim out just a portion of the meeting but the District, in its infinite wisdom, decided to privatize the videos of the public meeting so that just a portion can no longer be trimmed out for easier viewing by you. Their explanation to me skirted the issue and rang 100% false.