Friday, May 10, 2024

DDid R2 approve it this way?

As you drive out of the center exit from R2i2, this is what you see.

Most likely, Richland 2 gave specifications to the driveway painting contractor and told him what to paint on the driveway and where to paint it.

Is this how it was given to the contractor?

Will it be corrected?

Saturday, May 4, 2024

"ClapperGate" - Calif. Supt. Fired

Read this story about the firing of a school district superintendent, Marian Kim Phelps, from her job at the Poway Unified School District in the San Diego area.

Phelps was fired Tuesday night, April 30, 2024. What's interesting is that the school district has not yet updated its internet message on Wikipedia, as of the morning of May 4, 2024. It still names Phelps as the superintendent.

"ClapperGate" resulted from Phelps' alleged activities after her daughter did not receive enough applause at a softball awards banquet last May (2023). 

This story reminded me of a night at a school board meeting at Richland 2 and shouted words in the board room, "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. DON'T TALK TO ME. GET AWAY FROM ME." The then-school board failed to take any action against either the then-superintendent or his wife, a teacher in the Richland 2 system.