Tuesday, September 13, 2022

End of Board Meeting. So glad I didn't stay.

I tuned back into tonight's board meeting toward the end, just in time to hear part of Teresa Holmes' closing rant. I wish her well in the upcoming election. Based on her rant tonight, I hope she comes in no worse than 12th.

I'll comment on Wednesday on more of the meeting, especially the public participation, soon (but not soon enough) after the meeting began. 

I don't know what happened before Teresa cut loose. Something triggered her - big time!

Then Supt. Davis spoke too long (again) and Manning closed it out with his own rant.

The board meeting had convened at 5:30PM and had a very short executive session. It resumed at 6:30PM and ran on and on.

For your entertainment, start near the end of the meeting. Go to https://livestream.com/richland2/events/10609944/videos/232910367 and "fast-forward" to 5:07:22.  Right there, you'll find out all the reasons you need to vote Teresa Holmes dead last in the coming election. 

"It is easy to attack when you are charged with not doing nothing." Words of a "product" of Spring Valley High School. Words of a 35-year educator. 

Her words: "Stay Woke, Richland School District Two." 

Absolutely pitiful. Tell your friends!

November 8th will not get here soon enough. Only 56 days. Early voting starts sooner.

(Edited 9/14/2022.)

Candidates' Forum - October 3

A candidates' forum is planned for Monday, October 3, 2022, from 6:30-8:30PM, at Spring Valley High School auditorium. 

Hopefully, it won't be in the stadium near the refreshment stand!

This one is put together by the Richland Two Teacher Forum and the Columbia League of Women Voters.

Get your ticket by making a free reservation on the District's website. Read the information in the rotating banner at the top of the homepage. Use the QR Code for fast access.

The event will be livestreamed at livestream.com/richland2

Superintendent's Review 2021-2022

On the agenda for tonight's school board meeting is Item 8.2, Superintendent Evaluation Portfolio.

You simply MUST examine that presentation!

You can find it by navigating to the Agenda and then clicking on the link at Item 8.2, and then clicking on the next link.

To go directly to it, click here.

Who put that together? How much in district resources, time, money was devoted to producing that? Who created the content?

Let the public vote on how well they think the superintendent did in those areas.

A few observations:

Under Organizational Management:

"M1 — The superintendent actively supports a safe and positive environment for students and staff."

Like that one?

How about this one?

"M5 — The superintendent implements sound personnel procedures in recruiting, employing and retaining the best-qualified and most competent teachers, administrators and other personnel."



"C4 — The superintendent creates an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect with staff and community."

No comment on that one.

Holmes' Glamour Shots board photo

If Teresa Holmes is lucky enough to survive the November 2022 school board election and be elected for another four years, how long will it take the new Board to direct Administration to remove her Glamour Shots photo and her campaign email address from the District's website?

She tries to act like a woman one-half her age. She is not 30 years years old. And through her Facebook postings and constant recording of board meetings on her personal electronic device, she is trying to act more like a teenager than an adult woman.

No other board member lists two (2) email addresses on the District's Board Member page. Why does she get two?

If she leaves the board in November, how will the District secure its possession of all the District-related emails on her personal email account? For most of the four years (2018-2022) that was her only email address and the one that she used for official communication. Those emails, both sent and received, are District property and subject to FOIA - forever. 

She should not be able to delete all the nastygrams she sent me. I have saved every one of them. Imagine the legal snarl if someone filed a FOIA request for all the emails between Teresa and me, and  if the District couldn't produce them.

The District should act now to preserve them.

What steps will the Richland 2 Legal Department take to secure possession of those emails, so that she cannot delete them or close that gmail account?

Teresa probably won't come in dead last in the race for four seats. There are 12 contenders. With all the chaos she caused is the past 12 months, she has earned the 11th spot for votes.