Saturday, October 21, 2023

Furor in Richland One

What's it all about?

You've read about teacher reassignments in Richland One. It's all over local news. Get the details there.

Richland One says "it made the decision based on class sizes and teacher-student ratios", according to an article on

Now comes Patrick Kelly, member of Palmetto State Teachers Association and Richland Two teacher, who is quoted, "Teaching is about more than just standing and delivering instruction. It’s not just putting a robot in front of someone. It’s about building deep human relationships."

While he's right, the reassignments don't have anything to do with teaching. Read again the reason given by Richland One: "it made the decision based on class sizes and teacher-student ratios".

Building "deep human relationships"? Give me a break. 

Take a look at Richland Two scores, as recently released by the SCDE. Do they reflect "deep human relationship"-building? OK, Richland Two teachers, stand up and deliver instruction.

Running a school district is a business. If management needs to move resources around, the sooner the better. 

The kids will be just fine. In fact, they might just start learning resiliency and adjusting to change.