Saturday, January 14, 2023

Jan. 17th Special Called Meeting - 4:30PM

Sugestions to Board Members,

At the beginning of the meeting, tell any of the public gathered that this is a Special-Called meeting and there won't be any public statement after the executive session. They are welcome to wait, but they should not expect a statement.

Set a deadline of 6:00PM for adjourning.

Show up with your written questions on 3x5 cards. Write your initials on the cards.

Appoint a time-keeper.

In Executive Session, take the first five minutes to group your questions and tape them to the wall.

Give the attorney 5-10 minutes (or less).

Then ask your questions. Limit the attorney to 60 seconds. 

Wind up at 5:45PM and determine the next steps.

At 6:00PM (or earlier), return to open session, move to adjourn, and go home.

Meal Plan Discussion

The Meal Plan got a lot of discussion at the school board meeting on January 10, 2023. The discussion starts at 4:53:26 on

Every parent and every taxpayer should watch this discussion.

There are three levels of payers for meals. There are Free Meals. There are Reduced-Price Meals. There are Full-Pay Meals.

If the student does not qualify for Free Meals or Reduced-Price Meals, then he (she) pays for his meals. Or he should.

Except now he (she) doesn't, because there is a Moratorium on charging for meals.

How did that happen? How could that happen? Did the prior school board authorize that? Did it have the right, the authority, the power to give free meals to those who are supposed to be paying for them?

Listen carefully to Supt. Davis' comments about the Moratorium. Somebody should try to figure out what he really said. He uses the "royal We" when referring to who decided.

WHO DECIDED ON THE MORATORIUM, which has caused the debt to increase from $70,000 to OVER $340,000 and to be headed for $500,000?

If you want to know, watch the presentation. And then ask specific questions that cannot be answered with "We ...". Who? the past board? The Superintendent?