Saturday, September 25, 2021

Naming New Facilities

OK, sit up, folks.

Remember a few meetings ago when a question arose about the naming of new facilities.

Board Policy FF Naming New Facilities was just revised on March 12, 2019. 

Look at what is wanted now. Who has a name up her sleeve for a new facility's name? (I say "her" because there is only one man on the board.)  And which facility?

At the end of the Policy is a mark-up for a proposed change. If someone donates a lot of money, the board can consider naming a facility after the donor. Otherwise, faciliies cannot be named for a living person. 

Then the proposed revision reads: "In very unusual situations, names of persons who have been deceased for more than 10 3 or more years may also be considered." (More correct would be "three or more" years, rather than "3 or more".

Personally, I oppose naming any public buildings after people, dead or alive. If a building is a science building, then call it the Science Building.

Now R2 Board wants in the Cookie Jar

Not to be outdone by the superintendent's reach into the cookie jar, it appears that the Board doesn't want to lose out on its share. 

Do you ever read the agenda for upcoming board meetings? Do you know where to find it?

On the agenda for the Regular Meeting on September 28 (at least Holmes isn't calling a Special Meeting for this) is Item 2.4 Receipt of Legal Advice on Board Policy BID. That item and the legal advice sought by the Board will be hidden from public view by the executive session. That's where they line up the ducks before they march them out and over the public.

What is Board Policy BID?

Policy BID is Board Member Compensation and Expenses

Scared yet?

Is it by design and plan that the text of Board Policies cannot be copied (and then pasted into another document, such as right here?

If you want to read it, follow this path:

Upper right corner, click on EXPLORE

Click on School Board



Then click on Policy BID Board Member Compensation and Expenses

What is it that the gang wants to know about how to increase their monthly stipend, per diem, mileage, number of meetings paid for, how much each board member can spend? Who decides what "reasonable and necessary" expenses are?

Is "reasonable and necessary" one amount if a person is spending her own money? Is it a higher amount when that person is spending OPM (Other Peoples' Money)? District money? Your money?

Do some board members live "high off the hog" when traveling on your dollar? Do they stay in the conference hotel at a negotiated group rate or do they skip off to a luxury hotel? Who checks closely on how much they have really put on their credit cards? Do Board Members have District credit cards, or do they use their own credit cards, submit expense accounts and then get reimbursed only at pre-approved amounts? 

Will the chair try to slip in a vote at Item 8.3 on a revision to Board Policy BID? Or will the issue come back at a future meeting for a decision? Or is a decision even necessary if the trustees want to bump up their spending? Will it just be buried out-of-sight in the Budget?

Grab your wallets and purses!!!