Saturday, April 27, 2024

Virginia School District sues parent

Be sure to read this article on about the school district in Virginia that is suing the parent of a special ed student.

I can sympathize with the parent.

From 1996-2009 I was an advocate for my stepson - from his Second Grade until he aged-out at 22. The Special Ed Department there hated me, because I would insist that they provide the accommodations to which they had agreed, in writing, in his IEPs.

I recall telling one of the male teachers after my stepson entered high school that I was glad I would finally be dealing with adults, meaning the teachers and spec ed staff. Boy! Was I wrong!

I remember the first IEP I attended, after his mother and I married. I paid his therapist and a professional Spec Ed advocate to be there with us. There were 11 (ELEVEN!) from the school district there, all jammed into the Principal's small conference room.

One of his teachers had told me in a parent conference something like, "Me and him went to the library." I should have challenged her but didn't. She even spoke the same error in the IEP! It's no wonder kids grow up with poorspoken language habits.

That IEP lasted three hours forty-five minutes - with no breaks! Toward the end the school district's attorney, who had tried to avoid introducing herself at the beginning of the meeting, offered us three choices and asked which we wanted. I said, "None." 

When I listed the three accommodations that we wanted (1. aide in the classroom; 2. in-school services (not bussed to a different school; and 3) I've forgotten the third), she agreed. That took five minutes!

It was over the years after that, that we couldn't get the District to provide the accommodations as written in the IEPs. The special ed staff would cry "Wolf", when I raised their failures, rather than admitting they just had not provided them.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Election Security - 2024

 Concerned about 2024 Election Integrity?

Watch this excellent 90-minute program by Glenn Beck at . It's free until about 9:00PM EDT 4/25/2024. Use code SECURE2024, if needed The message is appropriate for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, etc. Learn how election machines could have been hacked and how to improve election security for 2024.

Check out, too.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Photo Opp. Who should be in the middle?

In this photo of the 2023-2024 board members published on Richland 2's website, why is the superintendent positioned near the center, as if she is the president or chairman of the board?

The board chairman should be in the center position. 

The superintendent shouldn't even be in the photo of Board Members.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Biden and Feds are destroying the USA

From The Daily Signal (publication of The Heritage Foundation) on April 20, 2024:

"Under the Biden administration’s sweeping new Title IX rule, any school that receives federal funding would have to open girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms to boys who “identify” as girls."

Are We, the American People, going to put up with this?

If I, as a parent of a school-age child, found that this was happening in my child's school, I would immediately withdraw my child.

What would you do?

How much in Federal funds does Richland 2 receive annually? Is it worth it to have to kowtow to Biden and his gang?

Read the full article here.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Woke rules in N.C. school district

Be sure to read this FoxNews article about a North Carolina high school that kicked a student out for three days over the term "illegal alien".

The headline of the article is 

North Carolina high school student suspended over using the term 'illegal alien': Report

Be sure to "how" the student used the term.

The article says, in part, "Another student allegedly took offense to the term and threatened to fight McGhee’s son".

And so Leah McGhee's 16-year-old son got kicked out.

This happened at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, N.C.

The problem with suspensions is that they are imposed almost immediately, before any serious consideration of circumstances or a hearing. That happens there and here. 

By the time the student wins his case, the period of the suspension has passed. You can't give the lost time back to the student.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Iowa teachers, staff may carry guns

The Iowa legislature is seriously considering a bill to allow school teachers and staff to carry guns. 

See this article by KCCI-TV 8.

The Iowa Senate has passed the bill, and it now goes back to the Iowa House after a Senate amendment.

An online article by USAToday carried this: "More than 30 states allow teachers or other K-12 school staff to be armed in at least some circumstances, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures." One Senator said, ""Seconds count when law enforcement are minutes away even in the quickest response."

All 30 Republican Senators voted in favor. All 14 Democrat Senators voted against it.