Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tell or wait?

If you suspect that a Federal crime is about to be committed, do you tell someone? Or do you wait until it happens and then report it?

If you can prevent its happening, is that best? Should you try to keep people from doing something really bad, especially if all they have to do is pause, realize that they are doing something criminal and make a different decision about an action they are about to take?

If one person in a group is wise enough to perceive the problem and avoid it, shouldn't that be a strong clue to the others?

How big a problem is generated by being a Follower, instead of a Leader?

One of the problems at the Richland 2 School Board is that it is being led, rather than doing the leading.

At the last Regular meeting of the school board (May 14) Amelia McKie said at least twice that the "majority of the board" supports the superintendent. And she said it with emphasis on "majority". Who are those four (or more)? Why would she make such a divisive statement?

McKie might just as well have said, "There are some on this board, the minority of the board, who do not support the superintendent."

I would assert that would be an untrue statement, and I'm glad she did not say those words.

What is the Federal crime that is about to be committed? Can you guess? Put your guess in the Comment box below.