Friday, April 1, 2022

Board Brief 3/17/22 - Blank

Would you like to know what information the Richland 2 school board receives in "Board Briefs" from the superintendent? 

Presumably, this is information that the board has requested and that the superintendent ends up having to furnish, but in a way that it doesn't reach the public during a Board Meeting.

Go to the District webpage where the Agenda is usually found. The agenda for the April 5th board meeting has not yet been published.

What is there, under Documents, is "3/17/22 Board Brief". Click on it.

Follow the prompts. Keep clicking. When you get dizzy, get a cup of coffee and try again. No matter what you click on, you will not get to the 3/17/22 Board Briefs (4/1/22 11:29AM). Maybe this is the District's April Fool's Day joke.

After clicking on every word, including "Content", no 3/17/22 Board Brief shows up. Well, maybe that's what the superintendent really sent to the board. Nothing.

Sandlapper Elem. School Food Truck Event

Yesterday I spotted an announcement on Facebook of the Sandlapper Elementary School Food Truck event, being held this afternoon (April 1st - no joke).

So I re-read the January 26th Trespass Notice from Safety and Security Director Marq Claxton carefully and submitted my request for access authoritization at least 24 hours in advance. Patronizing the food truck today would be a great way to wind up the week.

Claxton denied my request, as expected.

The following email has been sent to Claxton's immediate superior, pursuant to revised Board Policy KE. What a shame that Mrs. Pamela Davis' outburst on January 26th has resulted in so much administrative and board time used. Did they really think I would just go away quietly and hide in a corner with my blankie?

Will Anderson, COO
Richland School District Two

Good morning, Mr. Anderson,

Pursuant to Board Policy KE (revised) I am filing this complaint against Marq Claxton, Safety & Security Director of Richland School District Two and your immediate subordinate.

Mr. Claxon improperly denied my request for access to Sandlapper Elementary School property today.

AR KI-R allows a designated security officer to apply Trespass only to "the school facility" (singular), not to "ALL [sic] properties, facilities, campuses and buildings" as stated in his January 26, 2022 Trespass Notice to me, received February 5, 2022. His Trespass Notice should have been applied only to R2i2. Nothing in AR KI-R authorizes him to unilaterally, arbitrarily and capriciously expand the Trespass order to ALL Richland Two properties.

I request that Mr. Claxton be disciplined in accordance with District policy, up to and including termination, for exceeding his authority in issuing the January 26, 2022 Trespass Notice (and other Trespass Notices), and I request his denial regarding today at Sandlapper be reversed. I also request that he be directed not to deny further requests from me to visit properties other than R2i2.

This complaint is separate and distinct from the Board's decision in my grievance, which it considered on February 22, 2022 in my forced absence. 

Please inform me of your decision on my complaint.


Gus Philpott