Wednesday, July 21, 2021

MOMs - Raising a Country of Wimps and Weenies

Earlier this week I registered for a workshop being presented by MOMs Demand Action on Gun Safety. I plan to wear my NRA cap to the Zoom meeting, just as I did a couple of years ago when MOMs Demand Action held a rally at the Capitol.

When I was asked why I was there, I answered that I too am against gun violence. The woman asking the question was wearing a red MOMs t-shirt and had jammed her cell phone right in my face to record my answer. She stood there with her phone about an inch from my nose, clearly attempting to bait me into reacting. I didn't.

I go to MOMs meetings to balance the action. 99% of the people there are against guns. I'm not, and I'm not afraid to stand my ground.

When I received the emailed confirmation of my workshop registration, imagine my surprise when I read this Warning in the workshop description in a link in the email: 

"'(Warning: This virtual event will include images of firearms. If you feel that may be troubling to you, please do not attend this event.)"


Frankly, I believe firearms safety should be taught in elementary school and continued through high school. This would be an important first step in reducing gun violence. 

I know a man here in Columbia who spent 22 years in prison for fatally shooting another man in a drug deal when he was 19. 22 Years! Was it worth it?

Let's start teaching kids how to think, how to process feelings, how to make good decisions. That will prevent gun violence!

ATN Demands - Look out, folks!!!

Why would the Biden White House promote a radical educational group that foments racism?

ATN = Abolitionist Teaching Network. See today's FoxNews article about its radical handbook.

[Edit 7/22/21 If that link doesn't work, try this one.

Is its handbook, "Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning" coming this way? Is it already here, thanks to the U.S. Department of Education? You can download the Guide here. How many copies does Richland 2 already have and who has them?

Look at this stupid stuff: "practices that spirit murder (minority) children". There's a new one for you: "spirit murder".

Cofounder Bettina Love says the ATN "is dedicated to ... destroying schools that do nothing but harm Black and brown children."

Love is also quoted with saying, "If you don’t recognize that White supremacy is in everything we do, then we got a problem. ... I want us to be feared."

Now, I don't know about you but, when somebody tells me "I want us to be feared", I'm checking to see if I'm ready to defend myself. 

Are you?

[Edited 7/22/21. Thanks to S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson and other GOP Attorneys General, the Biden Gang has backed away from ATN. But how did they get there in the first place?]

Read all about it here.