Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Fiscal Watch for R2?

Will the S.C. Department of Education place Richland 2 on "Fiscal Watch" for missing the December 1, 2022 filing deadline to submit its annual audit by more than two months?

Harry Miley, R2's chief financial officer, told media last week they were late because of diverting time and attention to the State Inspector General's investigation.

Didn't Miley tell then-supt. Baron Davis in the Fall that there was a deadline and they were in danger of missing it? 

Why do I feel strongly that he did, in fact, tell Davis just that?

What was Davis' response? He was superintendent then and had the responsibility for two things, among many others:

1. Davis needed to give Miley all the support he needed to meet the deadline;

2. Davis needed to inform the Board (that's the "old" board) of the danger, risk, and consequences of missing the deadline;

And then Davis needed to inform the "new" Board that the deadline had been missed.

Did he?

Why would he not do so, if he didn't?

How did that work out for him?