Monday, December 28, 2020

Is Anti-White Racism Occurring in Richland 2?

This headline in The Daily Wire causes me to wonder what might be happening in Richland 2 School District.

School Wouldn’t Let Her Son Opt Out Of Class That Promotes Anti-White Racism. 

Now She’s Suing.

Is this coming to a school near you? Read the article. Be on the alert. What are your children telling you about their school experience?

Why would I ask such a question? How could I think such would happen right here in Richland County?

Well, I look at the composition of the school board. The composition of the administration. The racial make-up of appointments as Principals. The effort to put a teacher at the front of the class who "looks like the students." The superintendent's pet project - hiring 100 Premier Men of Color. (This is apparently his personal project and never approved by the School Board, because he reminded the board one evening that he is not evaluated on it.)

What happened to hiring the best available personnel for the money you have in the budget?

And my thought is, "Just wait until the students get in the real world, where they will make up 13% of the population, not 80%."

Last year I was asked, "Did you hear her (a school board member) call you a racist?"

And this year, when a different school board member wrote to me, "It's unfortunate that your motives are seemingly racially motivated with,  a poor attempt to hide behind pretending that you are not a racist by using a beard / beards to cover your true intentions and hateful nature." 

What does that even mean?

Wouldn't any proper beard feel insulted and highly indignant?