Wednesday, December 13, 2023

RCSD wrong not to charge night security guard

Read this WIS-TV story about the night Richland 2 security guard at Round Top Elementary School whose personal loaded firearm was found in the teacher's lounge.

While I can certainly understand his feeling that he is safer with gun in the middle of the night at a closed school, rules are rules. 

And why would he put it down and not pick it up? Did he take a nap in the teacher's lounge while he was supposed to be working and forget to pick it up?

If the custodian found the gun in the late afternoon and the guard had worked the previous overnight shift, was the gun left unattended in the teacher's lounge all day?

South Carolina gun laws are clear.

It was illegal to have his gun at school. It doesn't matter at all that he had a concealed carry permit. It's the "on-school-property" part of the law that counts.

Why would the sheriff give that guy a pass?

What did the RCSD spokesperson mean when she said, "...after consulting with both legal teams and their administrative staff."

Both legal teams? Does that mean the prosecutor's office and the RCSD's staff lawyer? And the RCSD admin staff? Was another lawyer involved?

No doubt the guy is in the unemployment line today, because the Richland 2 school board decided sometime back that no one could carry a gun at work. Two employees (both were former law enforcement officers) of the District's security staff lost their "carry" privilege, when the woke school board at the time expressed their fear of guns.

A popular, national, talk show host asked the question recently, "If you were planning to shoot up a school, which one would you go to?

A. The school in a declared gun-free zone?

B. The school that posted a sign at the front of the school that read, 'Staff at this school are armed and will protect students'?"