Sunday, October 8, 2023

Following the CCSB Mess?

Have you been following the mess with the Charleston County School Board (CCSB)?

Could Richland Two be heading for a similar cliff?

Post and Courier reporter Brian Hicks has been reporting on CCSB. This article is his latest. 

The CCSB suspended its new superintendent and quickly found itself the target of a breach-of-contract lawsuit. The superintendent had fired the lawyer for the District. That apparently displeased the board, and he found himself in hot water. And, as there always is, there is more.

Hicks mentions the social media activity of CCSB board members, and that reminded me of the high level of Facebook activity of some Richland 2 School Board members on social media about school district matters.

Do some of the Richland 2 trustees spend too much time on Facebook? Should they spend more time  studying Robert's Rules of Order and executive business practices?