Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Robert's Rules of Order and Richland 2

Earlier this year I commented on the usefulness of Robert's Rules of Order for running board meetings.

There was nary a peep from District 2 about it.

Then this past week-end I happened across Board Policy BE Board Meetings. Even though meetings are frequently long (and any outsider or consultant could tell them why), Policy BE is short.

It includes Parliamentary Procedure". Imagine that!

"The latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order will govern all matters not covered by the rules of the board."  Last revised 8/8/17.

Should the School Board utilize a professional parliamentarian? Could this help shorten meetings from four hours or from the two hours 40 minutes of the October 29, 2019 meeting?

What do you think the Board should do to shorten meetings? Please comment below.