Sunday, April 9, 2023

Now Reading Betsy DeVos' book, Hostages No More

I'm not sure what steered me toward Betsy DeVos' book, Hostages No More. I'm glad I listened to the nudge.

Richland Library has the book. Yes, "the" book. One copy. Next time you're at the library, look at the trash they buy 3-4-5-6 copies of. Reserve it now; I'll be returning it on April 10-11.

This book should be a must-read for parents, teachers, staff of Richland Two. But it probably won't be. There will be those who ask, "Why ever would I want to read something by or about Betsy DeVos?"

Why? Because the mind is like a parachute. It works better when it's open.

I recall my reaction to the words of the MORE Justice group in 2018, when its members asked the school board for Richland 2 to back off from the "school-to-prison" pipeline. They wanted restorative justice. The board (at that time) and the former superintendent listened. Look where we are now. 

Many teachers dislike Mrs. DeVos and her ideas. My guess is they don't really understand her background or her positions. She was not a "go along to get along" person. They hear "DeVos" and they react like they do when they hear "Trump".

Read her book. Then decide.

This morning I came across NPR's Cory Turner's 11/19/2020 hit-piece on Betsy DeVos. I'm glad I read the book first. If Turner read the book, which was published in 2022, I wonder how he would re-write his article.