Sunday, February 20, 2022

Stop! Look! Listen! Derrick Wilburn speaks


This is one of the best addresses to a school board I've ever heard. Listen to Derrick Wilburn, as he addressed the Colorado Spring (Colo.) school board on August 12, 2021.

Do you agree?

What if Richland 2 school board meetings were run the way that one is. Listen to the comments by the board chair, as he lets the audience know how they can indicate agreement with the speaker.

Compare his expression and tone-of-voice with what we have here in Richland 2. He is informing the audience, not ordering the audience to obey. 

Listen carefully to the remarks of Derrick Wilburn.

Is the Richland 2 Board and the Administration keeping racism on life support? Do programs like 100 Premier Men of Color and providing information about scholarships available only to black students promote the Differences between races?

The Board hides behind "We don't teach Critical Race Theory". Richland 2 doesn't "teach" it; that part is true. But don't they implement it? Don't they implement it through culturally-relevant teaching (pedagogy), the program they buy from Gloria Boutte? Doesn't Richland 2 promote Critical Race Theory through the emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

Listen to Derrick Wilburn a second time. Do you think Richland 2 can do better?