Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Introducing Deon Jacobs, candidate

The election for the three open seats on the school board is right around the corner. While the General Election (date) is November 3, 2020, early voting starts October 5th or 7th, depending on where you vote. 

A candidates' forum is scheduled for October 20th at R2i2. More information to follow.

If you are going to vote Absentee by mail, request your ballot now and then follow your request and return at

Here is Deon Jacobs' campaign flyer.  

SC for Ed plans another walk-out

The State newspaper revealed on September 22, 2020: "And SC for Ed, a grassroots teacher advocacy group, is planning a Stand Up and Step Out day, encouraging its members to step out of their classrooms and take a personal day to call for step increases."

The Stand-Up link goes to a Facebook page. Since Facebook is mostly a waste of my time, I'm unwilling to unlock my deactivated account to try to read any message there. It's probably within a page only available to teachers, as much of the SC for Ed material was when I last looked.

The Richland 2 School Board should hop on this right away and direct the Superintendent to inform staff that they risk discipline, up to and including termination, if they walk out that day. 

Teachers do not rule the universe. They work under a contract. The contract says "Work and you get paid." And yes, they weaseled "Personal Days" into the contract, so that they can go to the doctor if they are sick. This doesn't mean they can strike for a day because they are sick of working.

It was sickening to watch the Richland 2 School Board roll over, when SC for Ed (red t-shirts, "Red for Ed", walk out on May 1 (you do know the history of May Day, don't you? - Day of International Solidarity with Workers Day (1918) in the former Soviet Union; that's the old Russia)), when so many Richland 2 teachers walked off the job that the District closed schools at the last minute.

Those are your "beloved" teachers who are supposed to be in the classroom with Amelia McKie's "babies" in Richland 2. 

The School Board is Management. The teachers are workers. Most on the school board need some solid instruction about what being a Manager means.

Plan now, Board Members. Make it plain to the Richland 2 superintendent and teachers. You will be working that day!

If you know when Stand Up and Step Out Day will be, please post the date in the Comments.