Sunday, March 6, 2022

More of the 3/4/2022 Workshop - Pitiful

I listened to more of Friday's board workshop today, hopiing to find it interesting enough to listen to the end. I picked up at about 40 minutes into the workshop. By the time that the counter got to 1:16:30 (and the end of the workshop was at 3:14:48), I had again reached my endurance limit.

Amelia McKie rambled on and on, repeating herself ad nauseum. Instead of saying what she had to say with some level of interest and energy, she just poured out the same drivel that she does at meetings. And without correction or coaching by Liz Guthridge, the person hired for "executive coaching". Where was the coaching? Lindsay asked Amelia to speak up. Judging by the volume on the recording, Amelia did not move closer to the microphone and speak more loudly.

Liz was probably as bored presenting the workshop as I was listening to it. But she is a "nice" person and was getting paid to be there. She didn't crack the whip or light a firecracker under the attendees.

Why was he superintendent there? Didn't he have some work to do somewhere in the District. His average hourly pay (excluding benefits and retirement) is $122.00/hour. Charge up about $500 for him to sit there and do nothing.

And the board members earned about $97/hour for sitting there. Each of them.

Round it up to $100/hour x 6 - $600 x 4 hours = $2,400 plus $500 for the superintendnet = $2,900, plus maybe $5,000 for Liz Guthridge, plus the staff time to set up and run the meeting, and the District wasted $10,000 or more on Friday afternoon's workshop.

But who really cares? It's just taxpayers' money.

Did it get any better, after I bailed out this second time?