Saturday, February 27, 2021

How Long is a "Moment"?

At every Richland 2 school board meeting there is an "Inspirational Moment", followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

At the February 23, 2021 board meeting I thought the introduction for the inspirational moment was going to longer than the moment itself.

Trustee-elect McKie blew the invitation to the speaker of the moment by failing to inform him of the correct time of the moment, which quickly follows the beginning of the meeting. The speaker didn't arrive on time, and McKie 'fessed up, in not so few words.

After he did arrive, she launched into a long-winded introduction, half of which was her repeated mea culpa and lecturing of the public on how they need to know who the speaker is. Finally, she told the world who the speaker was.

The Board Chair should regain control of board meetings and remove McKie (actually, she is not even a legitimate member of the Board) as the person who introduces the speaker. You'd think she was in the running for the Toastmaster's Award for public speaking! 

All she really needed to say was, "Tonight's inspirational moment will be given by Robert Jackson, Principal of Westwood High School"

If you think any introduction of a speaker and even his own comments should be shorter at every meeting, email the Board Chair and all the members of the board. You'll find their email addresses at

Or, for your convenience, just copy-and-paste these into your email form:,,,,,,, 

Yes, those two gmail addresses are correct. The District improperly allows two people (Elkins (now Scott) and Holmes) to use non-District email addresses, which is likely to create huge problems in the future with fulfilling FOIA requests.

Friday, February 26, 2021

About the 1/13/2021 Board Meeting

Did you watch the January 13, 2021 board meeting? The agenda did not allow public comments.

Why was that an "emergency" meeting? Do you know the definition of "emergency"? Yes, the topic was important; it was not an "emergency".

Are board members, parents, faculty and staff as worried about the flu or drunk-driving accidents or illegal drug use or gangs in schools or anything else? Do they realize that the COVID-19 death rate in the total South Carolina population on January 13th was 0.0011 (5911/5148714)? That's just over 1/10 of 1%. How many who are diagnosed with COVID-19 are seriously ill? How many have the sniffles or a cough or a headache and feel fine three days later? Yes, some people have died. Some people die every day.

Do you know who said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself?"

Richland 2 has continued to pay staff, so the staff has not suffered the financial hardships that are faced by the rest of the community. Right? What if the Trustees' pay had stopped? What if the superintendent had to take a 40% pay cut? Now I wonder, why didn't they vote to stop their own pay? Or did they think, "What? Me? Give up my pay?"

Who believes the line "if we save just one child"? Why is so much faith put in an unknown vaccine that was rushed to market? Wasn't immunity granted to manufacturers? Doesn't that tell you something? Not one life will miraculously change the day after he (or she) is vaccinated. Read the fact sheet given out with the vaccine. If you read it before you got the shot, you probably would have said, "No, thanks."

Are death reports attributed to COVID-19 exaggerated?

What Are Your Kids Learning in School?

Watch this new 5-minute video from, featuring Jill Simonion.

She'll tell you what to to look for. Check with your children. Are they coming home with strange, new ideas? Things you haven't heard them discuss or say before?

Are you looking over their shoulders, while they attend virtual classes? Just be sure to stay out of the camera's view, so the Teacher's Police don't report you.

A Man Is a Man. Right?

I stand with SUNY Geneseo student Owen Stevens, who posted on social media that "A man is a man. A woman is a woman."

The Dean of the School of Education threw him out until he completes a remediation program. 

Where is he? Gulag 17?

This is what is sweeping our country, folks. To what extent is it happening right here in Richland 2 School District?

Parents, find out how (or whether) your kids are being indoctrinated!


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Did Holmes violate Board Policy ADD?

At the February 23, 2021 Board Meeting trustee-elect Teresa Holmes gave an extended report of the ad hoc committee on education.

During her report from her seat, she did not wear a face covering.

When you read Policy ADD, it is written so that face coverings must be worn "at any time when physical distancing is not possible or optimal and while conducting business on behalf of the district..."

This Policy is carelessly worded by use of the word "and". What if "physical distancing" is possible, such as at board meetings? Does this mean no mask need be worn at all at board meetings, by any board member, superintendent, staff or visitor? 

But then "while conducting business" is part of the policy. Does the word "and" make it unnecessary or impossible to comply with the policy?

If the board is conducting business at a meeting and physical distancing is possible, no masks need be worn.

Or does the Policy mean that, whether or not physical distancing is possible, then face coverings must be worn "while conducting business on behalf of the district" while in indoor common (school property) areas?

All the board members and the superintendent wear masks, EXCEPT TERESA HOLMES. She refuses and, instead, wears a face shield. If she sneezes or coughs, will she infect everyone?

A face shield is allowed as an accommodation. Did she request an accommodation in writing? And was her request approved? By whom? Was there a board vote? Only the board (majority) can permit an exception to the board policy. One member (ex., the Chair) cannot; the superintendent cannot.

The exceptions to the Policy "may include, but are not limited to," 1) eating/drinking; 2) working alone in a classroom/office/workspace; 3) administration of medication.

Are there unstated exceptions? There shouldn't be.

Clearly, Holmes did not meet any of the exceptions at the Board meeting, so she should have been wearing a face covering. Why was she not admonished? What are the consequences for violating a Board Policy?

What do you know about BLM? Antifa?

This new book by Andy Ngo is a must-read. 

If you think you know what Black Lives Matters (BLM) stands for or what antifa is, read this book. Learn the history behind these movements and organizations. Learn what they really represent.

Learn why you, regardless of your skin color, must know how to prevent them from gaining a greater foothold.

In Richland 2 you hear a lot about culture, diversity, inclusion, critical theory; equity, racial justice, but do you understand what is driving this talk?

If you value liberty, freedom, your rights, you owe it to yourself to educate yourself fully. Inquire into the history, so that you will be best prepared to argue against any possible indoctrination of students in Richland 2 schools.

Learn how antifa converts a peaceful demonstration into a violent protest and riot. 

Be ready so that you will know what to do, if you find yourself in a mob or in your car swarmed by a bunch of thugs. How will you defend yourself and those with you? Have a plan. Know your plan. What will you do? What will you not do?

Will you stand by and, one day, find democracy destroyed in America?

Buy and read this book now.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

T. Holmes - So proud, but ...

Richland 2 school board trustee-elect Teresa Holmes is oh, so proud of "participating in taping" her part in a PSA for Richland 2 about the COVID-19 vaccine. Why is Richland 2 wasting any time and money on such a PSA? Let DHEC put out information.

She has plenty of time on her hands to make many posts on Facebook as "Dr. Teresa Holmes". I can't help wondering if any are after-hours. The one about her PSA was posted on February 22 at 1:10PM. Wasn't that a workday?

All are reminded that Holmes is not a doctor. She, like "Dr. Jill Biden", holds an educational degree, not one from a medical school. Of course, a little thing like that won't keep her from speaking with great authority about a medical issue, COVID-19.

Check out her picture on Facebook under the hot studio lights. Note especially that she is not wearing any face-covering - neither a mask nor a face shield.

At school board meetings she refuses to wear a face mask, even though every other board member and the superintendent do. (Dr. Elkins (now Dr. Scott) won't attend board meetings because Holmes won't wear a mask.)

Isn't she special?

Feb. 23 Board Meeting - disgusting

Two hours 56 minutes??? Seriously???

As I began watching the replay of last night's board meeting, the first thing I noticed was the nine-minute absence of activity on the recording. At least, there was the courtesy of a notice that the board was still in executive session. The meeting was called to order (00:09:16). The Board Chair did not announce the time at which he was calling to order the re-convened public session, but he did ask for a motion regarding the ending of the executive session. Perhaps it's just careless editing of the recording.

Either no one was listening to him, or all were tongue-tied. Every one of them knows that a request for a motion means a motion is needed. Why is there any delay in making a motion? There must have been a question from a board member about the ending time of the executive session, because Mr. Manning said it was 5:38. Trustee-elect McKie made the motion.

The Board should include the time at which the public session is called to order. And there should be a roll call at every meeting, along with statement that a quorum is present (if it is). There is no need for a motion to end the executive session.

The person scheduled to give the Inspirational Moment had not arrived, and the Chair asked that the agenda be adjusted. It could have been handled much more smoothly and professionally. The Pledge of Allegiance should have been kept at the beginning of the meeting and only the Inspirational Moment moved down or skipped.

McKie admitted that she blew her responsibility of informing the speaker what time to arrive. Seriously? That's part of her duty to do that  How could she blow up that simple step?

Dr. Elkins is now Dr. Scott. (She was out-of-order to mention that while the board was voting.)

The superintendent informed the Chair that Public Participation had been skipped. Why didn't the Vice-Chair or the Secretary speak up? 

Parent Gary Ginn spoke and asked the District to get the kids back in school five days/week.

Jeff Remmer spoke on sports return-to-play.

McKie went on a tirade before actually introducing the speaker for the Inspirational Moment. I suggest that the Chair replace her and select a board member who will give a brief introduction and let the speaker talk for two-three minutes. Unfortunately, McKie likes to hear herself talk, and no one shuts her down. How long was her introduction last night? THREE MINUTES, 13 SECONDS !!! 

After Principal Jackson's 5½-minute inspirational "moment" the meeting continued. (0:33:58)

At this point I skipped ahead to the end of the report by Trustee-elect Holmes on the ad-hoc committee on education. (2:13:00) WHY WAS SHE NOT WEARING A MASK OR FACE SHIELD? Holmes is trying hard to recruit McFadden to "the Squad", interrupting to "make sure" that kudos got out for McKie and McFadden's being on the ad hoc committee.

(2:15:28) Discussion of draft agenda for March 9 board meeting began.

(2:17:21) Trustee Agostini made a Motion to rescind authority of Board Chair and superintendent to change the start time of board meetings. The authority granted in 2020 was due to the state of emergency. McKie made a useless comment about the pandemic. Apparently, she cannot distinguish between pandemic and "state of emergency". McKie led "the Squad" in arguing against Agostini's motion, and the Chair bashed Agostini for referring to the SCSBA and state law without advance notice to the board. The motion failed, 2-5. No surprise there.

(2:26:48) Next, Agostini asked for the face-covering Policy ADD to be added to the agenda for review at the next board meeting. Then formal procedure dissolved into rebuttal by the Chair before there was a Second. Immediately after the motion was made, Chair Manning began discussion with "My concern..." Then Trustee Scott (Elkins) spoke up and told the Chair that the Board has the right to ask for an agenda item and the Chair shouldn't try to quash it. Scott asked for a Second and a vote. (She should have just seconded the Motion.) Manning insisted he has the right to avoid hashing over issues over and over; he doesn't. He is merely one board member; no exceptional authority exists in his role as Chair.

You don't want to run into Teresa Holmes in a dark alley some night. She was nasty, when she tried to jam her opinion down the board's collective throats about some SCSBA meeting in Hilton Head last week-end. Right, Teresa. There is a pandemic. There are real issues. So wear a mask! If you want to wear a face shield, fine; but wear a mask. If you cough or sneeze, you will infect the whole room. WEAR A MASK!

Manning didn't shut down Holmes when she accused one board member of "showboating" (2:31:20) for "one particular person's ego". 

Holmes should have recused herself on the motion, because SHE is the one at whom the motion is aimed. Holmes prefers to wear a face shield and no mask.

Manning called on Trustee Scott and told her that Robert's Rules of Order allows two times to speak (I don't think it limits the number of times, but a speaker must wait a turn if others want to speak)

Caution-Parker weighed in and addressed Agostini directly, which is out of order. Her comments are to be made to the Chair.

And still, all the discussion was before there was a Second!!! Agostini raised this point, and Manning said that Trustee Scott had seconded the motion. (2:36:20) There was no second.

Manning called for a hand vote whether to pass Agostini's motion. All is favor? 2. All opposed? 4. Abstain: 1. Manning incorrectly reported the vote as Failed, saying "one abstention, two nays, and the remainder (4) Aye" (2:37:20). That would make the motion Pass. The superintendent corrected Manning's recitation of the vote result.

I gave up here...

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Voice Nails R2 Board

The Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County laid into the Richland 2 School Board about its February 9, 2021 board meeting. You can read that paper's February 18th article right here.

What went on at that meeting bears close scrutiny by the public.

Board members are having trouble getting items added to the agenda for a subsequent board meeting. One problem is that board members do not understand Robert's Rules of Order and how the Rules apply in conjunction with Board Policies. Their lack of specific knowledge puts them at a disadvantage when dealing with the Board Chair and the Superintendent, who also don't fully understand either.

Board members seem reluctant to argue forcefully for following correct procedures, because they don't really understand correct procedures. 

For example, when a board member makes a motion, the next step is a second. Until there is a second, there should not be any discussion. 

Board members should support any member who makes a motion on any item. Unless it's "Don't try to confuse me with facts; my mind is made up."

After a second to the motion, then there is discussion. This should be discussion by the Board. Too often, the superintendent leaps in with "Point of personal privilege" and then he continues as if he is entitled to continue speaking. He is not! The Chair should stop him, but he doesn't. 

After the Board has discussed a seconded Motion, then (and only then) should the superintendent provide any input that it wanted. And only after the Chair has recognized the superintendent to speak. 

The Board should insist that this process is followed. When it's not, a board member should object by saying, "Point of Order." 

Discussion then stops until the Point-of-Order is discussed and resolved.

Read the article on or on the paper's Facebook page.

The ending of that article reminded me of Pres. Biden's call for "unity". His version of unity is that everybody should agree with him. That isn't how unity works. If Richland 2 wants unity, agreement, harmony, cohesiveness among board members, it needs some strong coaching, guidance, advice from experts who will just tell them the truth.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Fort Worth PAC seeks to hold school board accountable

Imagine that. A school board being held accountable! Who could have such an outrageous idea?

Listen to this podcast that features John Pritchett, a consultant who founded Focus on Students PAC. It is on today's email from The Daily Signal, part of The Heritage Foundation.

Richland 2's school board has seven members who oversee administration of an annual budget of over $300,000,000. That's 300 MILLION dollars. 

Now go and look at the qualifications, education, management background, financial expertise of the members of the Richland 2 School Board. (That won't take you very long.)

Then you'll realize that school board members don't need to be qualified for the job. They just need to be on the top of the heap on Election Day. Pitiful, right?

Pritchett mentions Critical Race Theory and how it might be a pet project of certain board members. (Is that happening here?) Pritchett talks about the board's not holding their superintendent accountable and how the superintendent is flying around the country giving speeches. 

From Baron Davis' 2020 Statement of Economic Interests Report filed March 9, 2020 with the South Carolina Ethics Commission, he picked up a $4,500 fee as a panelist on July 18, 2019 in Philadelphia from ERDI. ERDI is the Education Research and Development Institute. Learn here what the Charlotte Observer had to say about ERDI on October 16, 2019, when its reporter wrote "The Education Research and Development Institute has been in the news for its questionable relationship with school administrators." Be sure to watch the reporter's video about ERDI.

Pritchett speaks about the need for "intentional culture" from a responsible school board to the superintendent to the principals. 

In Richland 2 the Board does not direct the superintendent. The majority of the board (the Squad) just lets the superintendent run the show, and one board member has said on several occasions that the board just hires and fires the superintendent; it doesn't manage him. This reveals a complete misunderstanding of the function and responsibility of a school board of trustees.

How can we get more parents and community members involved in Richland 2? I don't mean baking cookies or having PTO room-decorating parties. 

Show up at board meetings. Look at your board members. See which ones sit there like lumps and never say a word. Guess which ones never read the Board Packets to know what they are discussing or voting on. Which ones do you think don't deserve to be on the board of a $1,000,000,000 "company"?

These are the ones who deserve the boot in 2022 at the next election! Find some highly qualified people to run for the board - people with financial decision-making experience and with clear vision.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Newspaper drops reader comments

 You may have noticed that The State newspaper no longer allows readers to comment on news articles.

The word "Comments" is still at the end of articles, but clicking on it does not open the comment field. Responses vary from "temporarily suspended" to "the paper is getting a new vendor to handle comments" to one that is probably a lot closer: "Too many crazy comments." 

The State allowed commenters to hide their true names, so people could slip into the attack mode and do so anonymously. It could require a sizeable staff to monitor comments, and reporters should not be expected to do that. 

The problem could probably to solved with a Registration/Confirmation process, but that costs money, too.

So the decision was just made to kill off comments. Let Brian Tolley know at; he is the president and editor of The State.

Comments to newspaper stories are valuable parts of a newspaper. They provide a way for the public to ask questions and to add detail about stories. 

A newspaper subscription is worth less to me if I can't toss in my 2¢ worth.

Your comments are invited here. Please be responsible for them by including your own name.

How will impeachment trial be handled in R2 schools?

How will teachers handle the just-concluded impeachment trial of the 45th POTUS, when students want to discuss it in a history class or a political science class?

This valuable moment in current history should not be avoided. And it must be handled correctly.

Students (and teachers) will come to the discussion with their own political biases and feelings. This is the time to teach the students how to put their feelings and political preferences aside and examine what has just happened through the law and the facts?

Will that happen? What are the odds that will happen? Around here? About 15%. Maybe 15%.

When you look at a party-line vote, a solid bloc of 50 Democrat Senators all in lock-step behind Schumer, that has to be first clue that any discussion will not start out unbiased. And, since the political boundaries of the Richland 2 School District are primarily Democratic, does that mean the local discussion will quickly side with the House Democrats and the 50 U.S. Senators who are Democrats?

Discussion should include the law and the U.S. Constitution. The impeachment case was over when Joe Biden took the oath of office as POTUS. Impeachment can proceed against a President, according to the Constitution. When Donald J. Trump ceased being the President, the case was moot. But the Democrats in the U.S. House persisted. Was it merely a vile, politically-based, desperate move to try to keep Trump from running for President in 2024? 

Or what if the Trump lawyers actually do prove that the electron was stolen? What happens then? If it turns out that Trump actually was the legal winner of the 2020 election, is Biden removed from office and Trump put in? Has that ever happened before in the U.S.?

What did you think of Schumer's Last Stand? I turned the TV off, when he asked for time to whine after the decision.

And why did the Acting President of the Senate ask the Sergeant-at-Arms to escort the House Managers from the Chambers, but not former President Trump's legal team? Why didn't he excuse the Trump team before giving Schumer time to play Poor Loser?

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Watch how a board meeting should NOT be run

Be sure to watch the recorded Livestream of the February 8, 2021 school board meeting. I bailed at 6:53PM, totally fed up. I do not understand why most of the board members put up with what was going on. By about Thursday (Feb. 11) you should be able to view this meeting at

Notice the plastic shields on each board member's table. What a waste! They are already wearing masks and practicing social distancing. I would have knocked that dumb shield off my desk, had I been a board member.

The meeting began its decline at 6:04PM, when the Chair called on (trustee-elect) McKie to introduce the Inspirational Moment. The best intro would have been, "The Inspiration Moment will be given by Mrs. Helen Grant."

What actually happened? McKie, as usual, was long-winded and blathered on and on. The only worthwhile part was to explain that Mrs. Grant has a law degree. Who has ever heard of a lawyer being addressed as "Dr. (Grant)". She is Mrs. Grant. I anticipated that the introduction was going to be longer than the actual Inspirational Moment. But Mrs. Grant proved me wrong.

Tonight's Inspirational Moment was eight minutes long! It should have been 2-3 minutes. I'm sure Mrs. Grant cares about her family history, all the way back to 1865, but I doubt that anyone else does. She mentioned Black History Month several times (of course) and "enslavement of black people" and that she is only three generations from slavery.

When Board business moved on, the superintendent butted in and slammed Trustee Agostini. The Chair should have stopped him, not only at this time but later in the meeting, when he became defensive. The superintendent "schooled" Mrs. Agostini on "dysfunction" and "lack of civility".

The superintendent is NOT a board member, yet his seat is in the corner of the seating, establishing him in a superior role. Chair Manning should be at the corner, where he can see everyone. 

After Agostini spoke again, the superintendent butted in again. Robert's Rules of Order dictate that he is to get permission of the Chair to speak. He seldom does.

Once the superintendent starts, he quickly gets on a roll. Never at a loss for words, he can say in 500 words what could be said in 25. But the Chair won't cut him off.

The Chair and the superintendent were flat wrong when they commented on the authority of the Board to get an item considered for an agenda for the next meeting. They are excellent at confusing everyone, and the board falls for it. 

The superintendent rambled on and on about how the board can get an item on the agenda,. But just a couple of weeks ago Agostini tried. She made a motion. Discussion commenced without a second, and eventually the Chair ruled that he could decide not to put it on the agenda. He was wrong.

It's almost like a tag-team match when a board member brings up something. The Chair and the superintendent beat down discussion. After a motion, the correct next step is a second. Then there is discussion - without the superintendent! The Board Discusses! Each member should have a say, before a member gets a second say. 

The discussion of the lawsuit about Jools and vaping was a fiasco. The superintendent felt bruised, slighted, his integrity questioned, his honesty, his word, all because a board member said she had not heard any data about Richland 2 students who are vaping.

Who cares if he feels slighted. That's what he gets the big bucks for. 

The motion to support a class-action lawsuit failed. The vote was 3-3. Holmes was absent. The next words out of the superintendent's mouth were that he would, in effect, bring it up again. He does not like to lose. The board decided. His job is to suck it up and move on. (The next time it comes up, Holmes will be there, and the vote will be 4-3. The board made a decision and should refuse to consider it again.) But Manning and the superintendent will put it back on an agenda. Watch for it.

I bailed out when superintendent highlights started. I'd had enough.

Monday, February 8, 2021

S.C. Highest Civilian Honor Goes to Principal

Photo Credit: N. Charleston H.S.

Do not miss this story about the award given to Henry Darby, 
Principal of North Charleston High School. 

Gov. Henry McMaster awarded Darby the Order of the Palmetto, the state's highest civilian award. 

Hoping the information would not find its way public, Darby took on a second job of stocking shelves at night at Walmart. He gave his earnings to low-income students and their families to help with bills.

Once word got out, thousands of dollars were donated by the community, and Walmart chipped in $50,000.

If you care to send a note of appreciation to Principal Darby, the school address is 1087 East Montague Ave., North Charleston, SC 29405

McKie Ethics Debt now $51,800

Amelia McKie's debt to the South Carolina Ethics Commission hasn't gone down since July 2018. In fact, it has gone up!

The Ethics Commission issued Order and Decision No. C2017-023 on July 3, 2018. It ordered McKie to pay. It told her what would happen if she didn't pay. She didn't.

On July 10, 2019 the Commission entered a Judgment against McKie in the Richland County Common Pleas Court. The Judgment Amount is $51,750.

McKie has not paid one penny toward that Judgment.

The Ethics Commission has now added $50.00 to the bill for a late-filing penalty. 

McKie is (sort of) a School Board Trustee in a District with a $300,000,000 annual budget. I say "sort of" because she has never taken the oath of office legally. She is not even legitimately on the School Board. Yet the other trustees allow her to sit in a seat at the board during meetings, pay her a monthly wage of about $800, and even let her represent Richland 2 on the board of the South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA)!

Supt. Davis, over whom McKie frequently gushes during board meetings, frequently speaks about Richland Two's being a "premier" district. Really? Led by a "premier" board? 

Why doesn't he sit down with her and say, "Amelia - look, friend, you really need to take the oath of office and you've got to start paying off your debt to the State of South Carolina."

Is any board member tough on Ethic? Manning? Agostini? Elkins? Caution-Parker? McFadden? 

I'm not going to ask about Holmes. She has her own problems. She too has never taken the oath of office legally and, therefore, is not a legitimate member of the Richland 2 School Board. At least, she doesn't owe any money to the Ethics Commission.

What's the answer? McKie should leave the board. "Resigning" won't be the right step, because she is not even legally on the board. So, she should just stop showing up. And the District should stop paying her. (They should never have paid her (or Holmes) since November 13, 2018.) Richland 2 should appoint a board member in-good-standing to the SCSBA.

Was the Presidential election fair?

How concerned are you with the claims that the November 2020 presidential election was stolen? Do you think there was voter fraud? How much voter fraud was there? Was there foreign intervention in our U.S. election?

Are you as, or more, concerned with whether the election was fair than with who won?

Or is it, as far as you are concerned, "over" because "your man" is in the White House, and your choice for Vice President is poised to take over when Joe Biden bails?

Watch this two-hour program put together by the president of MyPillow, Mike Lindell. YouTube has taken it down, and it's under attack by mainstream media. By my book, when that happens, there is something there to see.

The program is titled Absolute Proof, and it is hosted on Lindell's own website.

Make up your own mind after you watch it. Don't be like one friend of mine who says none of it is true (but won't watch it). She tells me, "Show me the proof", yet she won't watch it. 

As I watched it, I thought about an election much closer to home - The Richland One School Board. How in the world did Tamika Myers spend only $675 and beat out a highly-qualified opponent, Jonathan Milling? How did she get 23.930 votes for $675? FitsNews provides background on Myers. Read it here. Reporter Mandy Matney did a great job.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Two board members need official District email addresses

Richland 2 School District should create District-server email addresses for Trustee Monica Elkins and, if and when Teresa Holmes ever becomes a legal board member, for her.

The District did promptly establish an official email address for Mrs. McFadden, after she became a legal board member, by her being properly sworn in and taking office in accordance with State law.

The District has improperly allowed Ms. Elkins and Ms. Holmes to use personal email addresses for school board business.

Almost everyone is familiar with the Hillary Clinton email scandal that was created by her personal email server in her home.

Why is a District server-based email address important?

All official email is subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 

There is no way to know if, from time to time, Elkins or Holmes deletes an official email. There are, or should be, procedures in District Policy for deleting official email. The rule is probably "Don't delete anything."

More importantly, official emails are subject to FOIA. If the District were to ask Holmes or Elkins to search for a certain email or group of emails, how would the District be certain that the search was thorough and that every pertinent email had been found?

One of these days Elkins will no longer be on the board. What happens then to all the emails in her account? Will she just delete them? And then, if asked to produce one or more, say, "Oops"?

And what about Holmes and her personal email address? She has been acting "as if" she is a board member since November 13, 2018. All of the emails to/from her personal email address that are about school board business are official emails and subject to FOIA.

If, one of these days, it is finally decided that she has not been a legal board member, will she have to turn over all those emails to the District? Or if, one of these days, she is not re-elected to the board, what happens to her emails then?

Richland 2 is one of the largest school districts in the state and has a massive email system. With a $300,000,000 budget and even more in assets, it is not one of the tiny, financially-strapped school districts unable to afford its own email system. 

It is time for the Board to "tell" the superintendent to set up official email addresses for Elkins (and they'll do it for Holmes, too) and tell the women to use only the official email address for school district business. The District can avoid huge problems in the future by having control over retention of all official emails to and from its board members.

Will Richland 2 Board Lack a Quorum today?

When the Richland 2 School Board convenes for a retreat today at 10:00AM, will it have a quorum?

And, if it doesn't, can it legally meet, even though no decisions are to be made?

Why would there even be a question about a quorum?

The reason is that there are two women on the board illegally.

According to Board Policy, a quorum is five of the seven members. Two women on the board (Amelia McKie and Teresa Holmes) have never taken the oath of office legally; thus, they are not legal members of the school board.

They are usurping public office, which is a serious crime in South Carolina. But apparently not one quite serious enough for the Office of the Attorney General to haul them before the S.C. Supreme Court. If that office did so, they would have no defense, and the Supreme Court hearing would likely last about five minutes.

The Justices would need to ask only two questions:

1. On what date did you take the oath of office?

2. On what date did you file your Statement of Economic Interests?

State law (S.C. Code of Laws 8-13-1110(A) says, first you file your Statement; then you take the oath of office, then you begin your official duties.

McKie and Holmes took an oath on November 13, 2018, before they were eligible to do so. Neither had filed her Statement of Economic Interests with the South Carolina Ethics Commission. After The Independent Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County called them on their failure to file, both filed on December 4, 2018. On that date they first became eligible to take the oath of office legally and, after doing so, begin their official duties.

But they have never take the oath of office. Not on December 4, 2018. Not since December 4, 2018.

So, if McKie and Holmes are not legal members of the board, they cannot be counted toward the requirement of Five for a quorum.

The legal board members are Manning, Agostini, Elkins, McFadden and Caution-Parker.

Which one(s) will be absent today? Elkins has said she will not attend any in-person board meeting unless all board members are wearing facial masks. Holmes does not. She wears a face shield. (If she sneezes or coughs, well, we know that a face shield does not prevent her breath from escaping her immediate presence.)

So one non-member of the board keeps one board member away. Why doesn't the Chair order Holmes to wear a mask?

Speech Control?

Does the Richland 2 School District in any way attempt to control speech by teachers, staff, students, parents or community members?

Read this article about efforts in Loudoun County, Virginia by the public schools. They are trying to muzzle teachers who would speak out against the school board's racial-equity plan.

How many parents, staff or even teachers know what the racial-equity plan is for the Richland 2 schools?

The article says this about the Loudoun County Public Schools Board: "The speech code is hidden inside a "professional conduct" policy proposal, which prohibits behavior that undermines "the views, positions, goals, policies, or public statements of the Loudoun County School Board or its superintendent."

Is there anything similar buried in Board Policies for Richland 2?

And another sentence from the article reads "Loudoun County has come under fire for spending $422,500 on diversity training inspired by critical race theory, which claims racism is inherent in nearly every aspect of America. "

How much is Richland 2 spending on similar training? 

Do you even know what "critical race theory" is? Or The 1619 Project? Or whether Howard Zinn's "masterpiece" is being used as a text in Richland 2 schools?

Are Richland 2 students being taught to think for themselves? Or to think the way that they "ought" to think?

When Trustee Monica Elkins attempted to speak out at a recent board meeting about the lack of support from other board members, Chair James Manning shut her down. 

Friday, February 5, 2021

Dumb Stuff Coming out of Washington

TO: Parents, students, R2 staff, teachers, and all readers,

President Joe Biden is trying to kill America.

It is imperative to examine critically every dumb plan he is implementing and proposing and to vigorously persuade our elected representatives to take a strong stand against him. You'll have to bear down on your U.S. Senators, too, so that all the Democrats don't ban together for 50 votes. Any tie is broken by the Democratic V.P. of the U.S. All Senators should stop voting down party lines and vote for what is best for the People of the United States.

Ex., the stand-down of the military to address white nationalism and to clear out "extremists and racists". The black SECDEF looks like a piece of work. Lloyd Austin should be reminded that blacks in the USA comprise 14% of the population. Is he just using his authority to protect interests of his race?

Race relations improved in this country for many years. They took a huge hit during the Obama Administration. And now Biden is running down the same path.

And then there is Biden's dumb plan to forgive $50,000 in student loans. Who do you think is going to pay for that "forgiveness"? YOU are. Your children are. Your grandchildren are. Are you willing to bankrupt your heirs for some stupid thing that Biden wants to do with the stroke of pen and no thorough cost-benefit analysis or examination of cause and effect?

Who is going to pay for all the "free stuff"?

Saturday Retreat, then Board Meeting Tuesday

The Richland 2 School Board will meet tomorrow (Saturday, February 6) for a four-hour retreat, and then it will meet for a Regular Meeting on Tuesday, February 9.

What would guess the "Appreciative Inquiry Presentation" could be? This is the focus of Saturday's retreat.

When you look at the agendas for the meetings, you just have to scratch your head and wonder what the heck is going on. It seems to me that very little consideration is being given to the time of the individuals who serve as board members.

Somewhere along the way, during my work years, I heard this: "Work expands to fill the time allotted."

Having witnessed board meetings for two years, this Board wastes considerable time. The board could cover in one hour what it takes 2½-3½ hours to finish. One thing that would help immensely would be for board members to make clear, concise, brief statements and then stop talking. Unfortunately, what does happen is that certain board members get diarrhea of the mouth and just keep on talking. Several of them should learn not to rattle on and on, thanking everyone in the District by departments for the work they get paid to do.

The Chair could control it; he doesn't. And not just the current Chair. The past two Chairs are equally guilty of failure to run efficient meetings.

The board decided not to livestream Saturday's retreat. As an official meeting of the board, it is open to the public, if you have the endurance to show up at R2i2. As soon as it starts to drag, will there be one or two (or more) board members who speak up and insist that business move forward or the meeting end?

The public (open) session for Tuesday's Regular Meeting starts at 6:00PM, according to the Agenda. That follows a scheduled 30-minute Executive Session. Don't be misled by the District's Calendar, which shows the Start Time as 6:30PM.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Ed.D. = Dr.?

I had occasion to look up a Richland One elementary school today for a reply to a reader. YES! Readers do write to me. They know I will never repeat what they say in a way that can identify them, as they wish to avoid any "special attention" that might result in retribution or retaliation or other disfavor toward their children in Richland Two. And I will never identify them without their explicit permission.

When I looked up Brockman Elementary, I saw the Principal's message and name. She is Mrs. Sharonda Giles, Ed.S. The only grammatical improvement I would offer is (Mrs.) Sharonda Giles, Ed.S.

The very first thing I noticed is that she did not elevate herself with a title! And Richland One knows how to hire a great person without a doctorate as a principal.

I would suggest to the Richland Two school board that it review its practice of identifying non-teaching persons as "Dr.", when the degree that they hold is Ed.D. (or any doctorate). 

Of course, the Richland Two school board will never go for it, because of the three board members who hold the doctorates that were issued many years ago. 

One school board member proudly stated recently that she has 40 years' experience. I immediately wondered if she meant one year of experience - 40 times. Did she become a better educator every year or was she like the geology professor I had in college who taught the same course year after year and never changed a thing. It could have been a recorded lecture. Of course, rocks don't change from year to year, but students do.

During school board meetings would you rather hear the Board Chair call on "Trustee _____" or "Dr. ____"? My choice is, skip the Dr. They are all equal as Trustees. And the same with the superintendent. He can be Supt. Davis, not Dr. Davis.

Please comment below (if you are brave enough). Or write to me at  Your name will not be published without your permission, which likely means "will not be published".

Does BLM hurt black students?

Read this article about Carol Swain on

Of course, if I said anything like that around here, I'd be labeled a racist. In fact, racial motives for my continuing to call attention to the illegal status on the board of Teresa Holmes and Amelia McKie have already been alleged - in writing.

Their being black doesn't have anything to do with it. If they were white or brown or red or yellow or green, I'd still be after them until the take the oath of office and become legal members of the School Board.

Swain is mentioned in the new video called "Uncle Tom", which can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video, among other places. 

Is the BLM curriculum destructive to the black community? Swain suggests going to its website and seeing how it does not benefit our society. 

It's Black History Month. A good time to determine what's right and what's not.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Why does Black History Month dominate the R2 homepage?

I can say that I wasn't surprised to click on the homepage for the Richland 2 school district this morning and find BLACK HISTORY MONTH predominantly displayed as the first message. 

While Black History Month is recognized in the U.S.A. and gets a whole month, what would happen if the non-black population of 87% of this country just said, "No." Is Black History Month really a divisive step that should be eliminated in this country? 

There is Black History Month, Black Lives Matter, Democratic Black Caucus (and probably Republican, too), Black Chamber of Commerce, black this, black that. Blacks in the U.S. are approximately 14% of the population.

Does Black History Month further or diminish unity in Richland 2 School District? In the U.S.? 

Will Richland 2 recognize White History Month? Brown History Month? Yellow History Month? Red History Month? Am I missing someone's identity out there? 

What would it take to put the term "African-American" out of use? Are we all Americans? Why creative division?

And while Richland 2 was quick to splash Black History Month not once, but twice, it did not remove the stale posting of the announcement of the January 26 school board meeting, now one week in the past.

And, by the way, Richland 2 still has not responded to my October 13, 2020 request to the Board about whether The 1619 Project is being taught or discussed in Richland 2 schools. 

Who else is making requests to the Board or the District and being ignored?

Monday, February 1, 2021

Candace Owens Show with Bryan Callen - GREAT

Be sure to watch this Candace Owens Show. Candace's guest is Bryan Callen. Bryan got "canceled" because of  an allegation of something that may or may not have happened 21 years ago. 

I wanted to post the image for this video on YouTube above, but YouTube must be censoring some of Candace's videos. The video can be viewed on YouTube, but it's not available in the menu of YouTube shows available to including at the top of a blogpost.

Will what you say or write today come back to haunt you (like, cost you your job) 21 years from now? Or sooner? How will you defend yourself?

Watch their discussion about free speech and what happens when you state your opinion - or are afraid to state your opinion.

People are getting fired for saying "All lives matter." Is this right?

Bryan recommends the book Skin in the Game, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He mentions white privilege and critical race theory. What happens when you take a stand but have nothing to lose by doing so? Then you can say anything and attack anybody.

At the end of the show, Bryan has some great advice for how to make the world a better place.