Friday, February 26, 2021

About the 1/13/2021 Board Meeting

Did you watch the January 13, 2021 board meeting? The agenda did not allow public comments.

Why was that an "emergency" meeting? Do you know the definition of "emergency"? Yes, the topic was important; it was not an "emergency".

Are board members, parents, faculty and staff as worried about the flu or drunk-driving accidents or illegal drug use or gangs in schools or anything else? Do they realize that the COVID-19 death rate in the total South Carolina population on January 13th was 0.0011 (5911/5148714)? That's just over 1/10 of 1%. How many who are diagnosed with COVID-19 are seriously ill? How many have the sniffles or a cough or a headache and feel fine three days later? Yes, some people have died. Some people die every day.

Do you know who said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself?"

Richland 2 has continued to pay staff, so the staff has not suffered the financial hardships that are faced by the rest of the community. Right? What if the Trustees' pay had stopped? What if the superintendent had to take a 40% pay cut? Now I wonder, why didn't they vote to stop their own pay? Or did they think, "What? Me? Give up my pay?"

Who believes the line "if we save just one child"? Why is so much faith put in an unknown vaccine that was rushed to market? Wasn't immunity granted to manufacturers? Doesn't that tell you something? Not one life will miraculously change the day after he (or she) is vaccinated. Read the fact sheet given out with the vaccine. If you read it before you got the shot, you probably would have said, "No, thanks."

Are death reports attributed to COVID-19 exaggerated?

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