Sunday, March 12, 2023

Attend March 14 and speak up

The next school board meeting is March 14. That's this Tuesday. A good time to arrive at R2i2 is 6:20PM.

The board will go into executive session shortly after 4:00PM.You can watch that from home or office or on your smart phone. View at

Parents, community members, teachers, staff and students: show up in person and plan to speak up during Public Participation. BUT you must sign up in advance to speak. 

To sign up electronically, go to Then click on EXPLORE; then on School Board; then on PUBLIC PARTICIPATION; then on the green button under the fourth paragraph. 

Or click here.

You can register to speak in person at the meeting before 6:15PM.

Remember, you do not have to avoid mentioning any board member or school district employee by name. Board Policy BEDH only prohibits any expression of personal complaints about an employee or board member; it does not prohibit your mentioning them by name.

Prediction - 6-7-hour board meeting

Take a look at the agenda for the March 14th board meeting. I predict a six-hour meeting; maybe longer. You'll find it here.

The executive session is scheduled to start at 4:00PM. There are seven items listed, including a discussion "of Employment Matter Regarding Hiring of Superintendent".

The Regular Session starts at 6:30PM. Just look at the length of that portion of the agenda!

The Board is set to vote on four revisions to Board Policies.

Previous comments have included board member complaints about the delays in hiring teachers. Can you spot what is wrong with this proposed change to Board Policy BDD?

The superintendent will recommend all administrative candidates for approval by the board. The board authorizes the superintendent to execute the preliminary employment of certified teachers on a temporary basis, subject to final approval by the board. The board further authorizes the superintendent to execute the employment of all other candidates on the board’s behalf.

Is a clerk or a secretary considered an "administrative candidate"? Or are Administrators (whoever they are) those candidates to be approved by the Board?

Why in the world is the Board involved in hiring certified teachers? That's the superintendent's job. Why is the Board meddling in that part of the hiring process? No wonder there is delay. And what teacher will accept employment on a temporary basis, subject to the board's blessing?

Then look at the proposed revision to Board Policy DBJ. Why is the Board meddling with budget transfers of $25,000? How does a typo ("vandilism") slip into a proposed revision?

I remember a typo in a sign on an office display in the lobby of the Sears headquarters, where I worked from 1996-2002. The glaring typo appeared on four of the five signs. When I finished laughing, I said, somewhat loudly, "This is what happens when you ask too few people to do too much work in too short a time." 

Who can get across to this Board what the role of a Trustee is?