Friday, October 21, 2022

Open Letter to the Board re 10/25

 The following email has been sent to the full Board.

Members of the Board,

On the 10/25/2022 Agenda is Item 10 - New Business, Action Requested - 8% Bond Resolution.

Why is this item coming to the Board at the last meeting of 3-4 trustees, who hold the majority of the board and who will pass this item?

Why is this not coming up for a First Reading, with time for public inspection and comment?

In view of the push to pass Item 9.1 Policy BK and Item 9.2 Policy BID before you (the four) leave office and now the Item 10, 8% Bond Resolution, it may be necessary for three trustees to walk out to stop the irresponsible actions by the four in the majority.

Is this part of the $468MM bonds that were approved by taxpayers in 2018?

Why the rush? How can trustees, including the four who are leaving, study this Item with the necessary thoroughness and ask questions and get answers on or before Tuesday night, especially with the school district holiday on Monday?

I urge you to table Item 10 or amend the agenda to make Item 10 - New Business, No Action Requested.


Gus Philpott

Be sure to sign up to speak on Oct. 25

The next school board meeting is Tuesday, October 25th. Sign-up for public participation is now open. But where is it?

Executive session at 5:30PM. Open meeting begins at 6:30PM

There is no mention of it on the District's homepage. 

If you click on the Calendar for the October 25th board meeting, there is no sign-up button.

If you go to the agenda, there is no sign-up button.

If you click on Public Participation in the Agenda, there is no sign-up button.

Is there some conspiracy to keep the public from signing up?

Here is where you'll find the sign-up page:

From the homepage, click on EXPLORE;

Then click on School Board;



Could be a lot easier; right?