Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Is Critical Race Theory legal?

Here's an interesting article by Dr. Carol Swain. If you don't know her name, be sure to sure read her bio.

Titled "Is Critical Race Theory legal?" Dr. Swain discusses it. You should know what CRT is and how it might be disguised in Richland 2.

In a recent presentation to the Superintendents' Association, one Richland 2 elementary school principal referred to "CRT". She was referring to Culturally Relevant Teaching. CRP referred to Culturally Relevant Pedagogies. 

Or, as popularly known today, Critical Race Theory. A horse by any other color is still a horse.

If you still not paying attention to Critical Race Theory, may I strongly encourage you to "up your game" and learn about it. Black or white, you won't like it.

Feud at Lex-Rich 5. Board Member Wrong

Are you watching the feud at Lexington-Richland 5 over the recent, abrupt resignation of the Superintendent?

Read yesterday's article by Bristow Marchant in The State newspaper that carries the headline "You were warned".

You should spot right away where Board Member Ken Loveless is wrong. His nose is out-of-joint because the (now-previous) superintendent didn't respond to a text message from him.

Loveless appears to be demanding considerable information from the superintendent in his communications, and that's where he is wrong.

The superintendent doesn't obey or report to any particular board member. The superintendent got her marching orders from the Board - the whole board. After a Motion, Second and Vote. A superintendent doesn't have seven bosses. A superintendent has one boss - the full board. Just because Loveless is Vice-Chairman of the board, that doesn't give him any special clout. He is one board member of seven. 

Reporter Marchant includes comments from several board members that clarify to whom the superintendent reports. 

How does this translate to Richland 2? 

More topics should be discussed in public. More board votes should be taken. Then the public would have a clear view of The Squad right here in Richland County.

For example, why hasn't the board addressed publicly the issue of two trustees-elect being allowed to serve on the board since November 13, 2018, even though they have never taken the oath of office legally? Both Amelia McKie and Teresa Holmes took an oath of office on November 3, 2018, a full three weeks before they became eligible to take the oath.

Thus, they are not legitimate board members. The law is that they first file their Statements of Economic Interests (not filed until December 4, 2018), and then take the oath and then assume their official responsibilities.

Why hasn't the attorney for the school district explained the law to them? 

Should the South Carolina Supreme Court have the opportunity to decide whether McKie and Holmes are usurping public office? 

Should McKie and Holmes be required to return all monies and cost of benefits paid by Richland 2? Why does the superintendent authorize payments to them and why does the majority of the board approve those payments? 

Should all board votes since November 13, 2018 be reviewed and the votes of McKie and Holmes removed? How many decisions will change?

Since November 13, 2018 McKie and Holmes have not been eligible to hold office as a board officer, and McKie is not entitled to be a regional director of the South Carolina School Boards Association.