Monday, February 14, 2022

Scottsdale - could it happen here?

It is not just the parents in Richland 2 School District who are fed up. And it's not just the small group, accused of being "disrupters", who are speaking out. Check out the story about these parents in Scottsdale, Arizona:

"As parents around the country increasingly become fed up with left-wing hacks running school boards, more are beginning to take action against board members who refuse to listen to reason and respond to concerns.


What are they doing in Scottsdale?

Serving the board members with $100,000 claims against their bonding.

Parents are fed up with "anti-white critical race theory curriculum, ridiculous and pointless COVID masking and vaccine mandates and the inclusion of sexually inappropriate books and materials in school libraries that includes illegal acts of pedophilia."

Parents were successful in persuading the board to remove its board president in November, after learning that dossiers had been created on 47 people whose backgrounds had been checked - people who had been voicing opposition to the school board.

Could that be going on here? Listen carefully to the comments of (acting) board chair Teresa Holmes, herself not even a legitimate board member, when she often makes disrespectful comments about Richland 2 parents who are showing up at board meetings, speaking out, and sending emails to the board members and superintendent.

Be sure to take 3 minutes to read the article in

How to shorten school board meetings

 You've heard, "Work expands to fill the time allotted". Right?

The problem is long school meetings. Why? Poor Planning.

Plesae re-read, "Poor Planning." By the board chair and the superintendent.

The agenda for each meeting is finalized by the board chair and the superintendent. Two people with no concept of time-management. If they did have such a concept, NO meeting would ever run four (4) hours. That's one hour for executive session plus three (3) hours for the business of the board. 

What if good management practices were followed? The board could meet in executive session for 30 minutes, followed by not more than 90 minutes in open session.

How would they do that? Declare a Schedule. Commit to following it.

By not only having an Agenda but having a Schedule! Example:

6:30PM Call to Order (one tap of gavel is sufficient). Chair plans ahead and remembers to turn on her tablet. (It should have been already on from the Executive Session.) Roll Call by Secretary.

6:31PM Inspirational Moment, Pledge of Allegiance (by McKie? never. No "shows")

6:35PM Approve Agenda, including additions, changes, corrections.

6:39PM Consent Agenda (including time to amend Minutes for corrections, errors)

6:43PM Public Participation (10 x 3 min.) (eliminate chair's opening threats; shorten interval between, by having next speaker approach). Say, "The next speaker is _____, followed by ______."

7:15PM Voting on Executive Session items (fix the broken delay in announcing votes)

7:25PM Old Business

7:30PM New Business (Shorten Supt. Highlights; Shorten dog-and-pony shows by staff; eliminate praise and thanks by board members; chair to thank)

7:40PM Agenda Items for next meeting. (Eliminate unnecessary reading of Draft Agenda by Supt. Address only the flexible items) To add items: Motion, Second, Discussion on the Motion only, Vote.

7:52PM Board & Supt. Comments (1 min. each) Eliminate grand-standing. Severely shorten superintendent's comments. It's not his show. He is not the Center of the Universe.

8:00PM Adjourn