Tuesday, August 25, 2020

How Long Is a Moment?

 How long is a moment?

The short answer, according to Wikepedia, is: "90 seconds. The length of a solar hour depended on the length of the day, which in turn varied with the season, so the length of a moment in modern seconds was not fixed, but on average, a moment corresponds to 90 seconds."

Now, how long is a moment, say, an Inspirational Moment, when it comes to the Richland 2 School Board.

A couple of meetings ago Board Chair Shadd told the board (and the public) that he had assigned the Inspirational Moments to (trustee-elect) McKie. Of course, he didn't call her "trustee-elect McKie", but that's what she is.

At tonight's meeting McKie launched into a veritable explosion of words and used up more time to introduce tonight's speaker than I thought he would use. But I was wrong.

Remember when Board Chairs would introduce speakers for the Inspiration Moment with, "Tonight's inspirational moment will be given by ________"? And then the speaker spoke for 2-3 minutes and led into the Pledge of Allegiance.

I'm pretty sure McKie set a record tonight with her introduction. 

And then the speaker, Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, took over. And six minutes later the Pledge was recited.

There was nothing inspirational about either McKie's introduction or Hizzoner's words.

Shadd won't be able to get McKie under control. She thinks she is still the Board Chair, an office that she should have stepped back from in November 2018, when her 2014-2018 term was up and she failed to file her Statement of Economic Interest. That made her ineligible to take the oath of office on November 13, 2018, but she did it, anyway. 

But the Day of Reckoning is coming.

Will somebody please explain to McKie that she doesn't have to recite a speaker's C.V.? Just introduce him and get out of way. Oh, and tell him he has three minutes and to make it inspirational. Please!