Friday, May 3, 2019

Found keys

This morning I found a set of keys in the eastbound lane of Barony Place Drive between Autumn Run Drive and Barony Place Circle.

My guess is they belong to a Richland 2 student, perhaps at Ridge View High School. I suspect a passenger in a car tossed them out the window while Mary was being driven to school.

A cloth wristband with the name "Mary"
Ignition/door car key
Metal front-door key
Rewards Access keyring tag from a national retailer
AmEx Road Service keyring tag
Souvenir keyring tag from a beach city

I emailed Ridge View High School this morning, just in case Mary looks for her keys there. Someone from Ridge View HS called me at 2:52PM, let it ring a couple of times and was silent when I answered.

The keys can be claimed by calling me at 847.971.7083. As soon as I get a callback from a Richland County deputy, I'll turn them over to him.

No good deed should go unpunished; right? I called the national retailer and wasted 30 minutes on the phone trying first to escape from its voice-tree menu and then getting transferred to a wrong department. I was given a different number to call and then, finally, was told that the retailer had closed its Rewards program last year and could not look up an account by the number on the keyring  tag! I was hoping they could. I didn't expect them to give me the accountholder's name or phone number, but wouldn't it have been great customer service for them to call their accountholder and give her my phone number?

I wrote a book about customer service after I worked at the Sears, Roebuck headquarters for five years. The title is Unthaw It!, and it's an Amazon Kindle book. Grab a copy for $1.99 or read it free as part of KindleUnlimited. (One of the stories in the book explains the title.)

The Voice covers Richland 2

Be sure to read this new article in the online edition of The Voice of Blythewood and Fairfield County. Just click on the link (it's safe). The article describes the resignation of Lindsay Agostini from the office of Board Secretary for Richland 2 School District. She continues as a board member.

It was The Voice that kicked off the mess at Richland 2 after the November 2018 election, when it questioned board members about required filings to the South Carolina Ethics Commission. Several board members and the Superintendent were remiss in the obligations and quickly squared matters away.

The Voice has been covering the debt of Amelia McKie (over $51,000).

But McKie's Ethics Commission debt is just part of the problem. A large part, but possibly not even the largest part.

Be sure to read The Voice (online or print) every week, and you can follow The Voice on Facebook.