Monday, April 15, 2019

Transgenderism - sniffing at Richland 2?

How strong is gender activism at Richland 2 School District?

Check out this video from PragerU. Abigail Shrier hits the nail squarely on the head.

You have seen in The State how a single person is referred to as "they", when the newspaper reporter, for whatever reason, does not want to write "he" or "she". Remember the day when "he" was used, instead of "one"? Many readers don't even know about that day.

I don't mind telling you where I am on this. If I know a person was born male, then he is a "he". If he wants to pretend he's a girl, then I'll just understand that there is something "off" with him. I can tolerate that or accommodate him, but it doesn't mean I agree with it.

What's the policy at Richland 2? Are there boys using the girls' bathrooms and showers? Or girls using the boys' facilities?

Or is there anything going on behind the scenes and lurking, just waiting to be sprung on students and parents?

The Voice on new teacher conduct code

Be sure to read the April 11th article by Barbara Ball in The Voice of Blythewood and Fairfield County on the revised teacher conduct code at Richland Two. You can go directly to that article by clicking here.

I didn't stick around the April 9th meeting to the end, and I couldn't even endure the lengthy video-recording on YouTube. So I didn't witness any debate about it that might have occurred at the April 9th meeting. If you have the stamina and time on your hands, check out the video.

Does the Code apply to Board members or only to teachers?

I wondered during the early part of the April 9th meeting, when one of the Board members got all gushy about referring to her nephew when he was recognized. I wonder how that made the rest of the honorees feel, when so much attention was pointed to the nicely-dressed young man. Maybe she should have respected his wishes that he not be singled out. Mentioning his wishes probably caused him even more embarrassment.

And then later when that same Board member hugged one of the male students who was recognized.

Sure it was innocent and in public. And well-intentioned. Heck, I was even the recipient of a friendly, touching gesture from that same Board member at an earlier meeting although, at the time, I joked to the Richland County deputy standing right there about it.

But if a teacher hugged a student? Can you imagine the uproar? And the discipline imposed on the teacher? Reprimand? Days off? Termination? Are teachers super-cautious now about even thinking about consoling a student?

How about it, teachers? Care to comment? If you are worried about retaliation and want to remain anonymous, call me with your comments. Confidentiality assured.