Saturday, May 20, 2023

R2 Safety Summit - why?

On Monday, May 22, there will be a Richland 2 Safety Summit. 6:00PM at R2i2.

You can see the topics:

- Gun Safety
- Community Safety
- Trafficking Awareness
- Cyber Security

Is a meeting really needed for one simple message?

Don't do stupid stuff!

For "Gun Safety", have there been any classes or instruction in gun "safety"; you know, safe gun handling, use, shooting straight, when to shoot (and when not to), cleaning, storage? Of course not. "People are good. Guns are bad." That's the message from those who are indoctrinating students (and adults).

BeSmart says "gun locks". Did those kids who took guns to schools have gun locks? Of course not.

For "Community Safety", don't go to parks after hours and hang out in large groups, who are likely to become rowdy or attract troublemakers. Don't treat malls like playgrounds. They are shopping centers. Shop; then leave.

For "Trafficking Awareness", stay away from drugs. Don't run away. Don't "slip out" at night. Don't get in cars with people you don't know or don't trust.

For "Cyber Security", don't bully; report all attempts by someone to bully you. 

It all boils down to Don't Do Stupid Stuff.

If the kids don't know that already, a 6:00PM Monday night meeting at R2i2 won't get through to them.

Why is the Board-directed Safety Committee sponsoring this? This is completely outside its scope of authority. The Safety Committee should be receiving suggestions, requests, and recommendations from Administration for improving safety in the schools and then making recommendations to the Board for action. Instead, the Committee, led by three board members, is meddling in school operations.