Saturday, January 4, 2020

ID this kid; earn up to $1,000

On December 13 two punks entered a home on Ironweed Court and robbed the occupant of five guns.

See this WIS-TV article and video.

The kid in the video should be easily identified. Show this video to your kids. If you have any inkling that they suspect whom he is, call the Richland County Sheriff's Department immediately.

Ironweed Court is west of \Rice Creek Elementary School and north of Publix.

There is probably some good reason that WIS-TV didn't publish this information and video until December 30. RCSD should have given it to them right away, like before nearby Ridge View High School let out for the holidays.

If there are teens or young adults in the victim's house, RCSD will be scouring their social media accounts, cell phones and computers for leads to their acquaintances or anyone else who would have known of the guns in the house.

Note to Homeowner. Lock your doors, even when you are home.

Some people think it's silly to be armed while at home. I wonder what this victim thinks now.