Sunday, March 15, 2020

Schools closing

A media announcement today alerted me to the closing of Richland 2 schools.

Read all about it here.

Gov. McMaster has ordered all 1,250 South Carolina public schools closed.

Now, here is the crazy part. Schools have become caregivers and providers for students, and Richland 2 schools will be providing bagged breakfast and lunches that can be picked up at a number of schools. Those school are listed in District 2's announcement.

A high percentage of Richland 2 students receive meals. Of course, the meals must be picked up, which will create a huge problem for parents who are working.

The schools never should have gotten in the free breakfast and free lunch business. This Federal program is a disaster for creating independence. Kids should eat breakfast at home and either bring lunch or have the money to buy lunch.

Maybe if kids gave up their Air Jordans and cell phones and tattoos and piercings and bling, they'd have the money for food. Think so?