Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Board Policy BDG - Board Attorney/Legal Services

I suspect most parents don't spend much time reading Board Policies, but here's one to read and understand right now.

Where can you read it?

Go to
Click on EXPLORE (top right)
Click on School Board
Scroll down and click on Board Policy BDG

Note particularly "...the board, by majority vote, may designate an attorney or law firm..." It's right there in the first paragraph!

So, when the superintendent chose Carl Solomon, Skyler Hutto and Allen Nickles for the lawsuit filed in the S.C. Supreme Court, did he exceed his authority?

And what about proceeding with the filing of a lawsuit in the District's name only three days after the board approved a motion to gather information? Shouldn't the superintendent have returned to the board with that information? How did the superintendent get the okay to proceed?

Did the board give him a wink and a nod in Executive Session and then "conveniently" forget to approve that in public session? That's clearly an "action" that requires approval in public. The board cannot hide in Executive Session and approve something like a lawsuit out of public view.

If Teresa Holmes hadn't smacked down Lindsay Agostini when it was time to vote on Manning's Motion, that information might have come out. 

Should concerned parents obtain the services of the same attorney who is sinking his teeth into Richland One over an Executive Session issue and go after Richland Two about its Executive Session on August 16, 2021?

Using Nurses for Clerks?

WIS-TV is running an article about how over-worked Richland 2 nurses are. Gee, they are having to work for their pay? Must be torture.

Here's the article. Just click to read, or go to the WIS-TV website. 

When I first read about Contact Tracers a few months ago, I wondered why nurses were being used for those calls. Why not hire and train people for $10.00/hour to make telephone calls and record information on sheets or in computer files, to be later analyzed (hopefully, by computer) for any useful information? 

What kind of management expertise does it take to choose between highly-paid nurses and lower-paid clerical employees? That's merely wise utilization of resources and money. 

But why do that when you have lots of money and don't need to conserve it?

Another obvious benefit is avoiding burn-out. Well, too late for that one; right?

It's never too late.