Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hillsdale College - free online courses

Do you know about the free online courses offered by Hillsdale College. 

First of all, it's a real college in Hillsdale, Michigan. Check it out at

From the homepage, see the Online Courses. Set up your free online account, choose a course, and get started.

If you have taken Hillsdale courses but have not accessed your account since January 2020, you'll need to create a new account. Use the same email address, and your history will be migrated to your new account.

I've just enrolled in "A Proper Understanding of K-12 Education: Theory & Practice".

Post your comment below about any courses you have taken from Hillsdale. How many have you taken? Did you complete them? 

Everybody is doin' it. Will Richland 2 join in?

Clemson will allow its football players to paste BLM stickers on their helmets. Clemson will display social justice messages on its football field for home games. (Kind of redundant, isn't it? But The State said it first.)

And USC-Aiken is all over one of its baseball coaches for speaking out against social-justice messages. Coach Kenny Thomas took aim at Clemson's football helmet sticker plan and ended up in the crosshairs of USC-Aiken officials. Thomas is quoted in The State as having said, "It is 100% shameful, I promise you will never see anything like this on my field. I support the Blue and not ashamed to say it."

As an example of hypocrisy, USC-Aiken's Chancellor, Sandra J. Jordan, spoke out against Coach Thomas, who had posted his opinion on Facebook. She said, according to The State:

“His expression was a personal opinion and does not reflect the values of this university, Pacer athletics, or our community, I am writing today to speak out against intolerance and opinions that stand in sharp contrast with our stated values of civility, tolerance and mutual respect.”

In speaking about civility, tolerance and mutual respect, didn't she just violate all three? And what about Coach Thomas' First Amendment right???

Has Chancellor Jordan read the U.S. Constitution lately? Ever?

But back to Richland 2. Will we see BLM stickers on high school football teams' uniforms? On the fields? On the fences around the fields? In the school?

I certainly hope NOT!!!