Sunday, December 13, 2020

Northwestern University gets it - - wrong!


Is she Dr. Biden? Or Mrs. Biden? Or Ms. Biden? Do you even know what advanced degree Jill Biden holds? Does it matter whether it's M.D. or Ph.D. or Ed.D?

I remember the first time a woman ever-so-proudly told me she had just gotten her Ph.D. We were on an escalator in Kansas City. I said, "Oh, that's too bad." I think her attitude of superiority had something to do with it. Or maybe that she was about 6'0" and was standing a couple of steps ahead of me on the ascending escalator.

For many years I have considered those with Ph.D's and Ed.D's and other non-M.D's as non-doctors. A doctor, to me, is a medical doctor. They have initials like M.D. or D.O. or D.C. after their names. The others have doctorates, and most of them worked hard for them. But, to me, they aren't the same, and I don't call them "Dr. ___." Standards vary from graduate school to graduate school. 

For example, on the Richland 2 school board, there are three women with doctorate degrees. All three have Ed.D. after their names. 

When they are recognized to speak by the Board Chair, they should be addressed as Trustee ____. Well, at least two of them should. The third should be addressed by her correct legal title, Trustee-elect.

But not as Dr. ____. They are equal members of the board and deserve no elevated approbation because of some educational degree received many years ago. 

You can read this article about Joseph Epstein, a former lecturer at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. The article says that Epstein hadn't even been a lecturer there since 2002. So why is Northwestern even weighing in? I guess they are just getting in line to suck up to the new president.

Epstein made the disgraceful error of writing that Jill Biden's use of Dr. before her name “sounds and feels fraudulent, not to say a touch comic". As a result, Northwestern U. "canceled" him.

And here are today's the three magic words. A statement is attributed to Northwestern University:    “Northwestern is firmly committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, and strongly disagrees with Mr. Epstein’s misogynistic views.”

Why is Epstein's words "misogynistic"? Men use Ed.D. and other initials for doctorates after their names!

Don't miss Tuesday night's (Dec. 15) special-called board meeting, where the focus will be "Addressing Systems of Inequity". 

Woke comes to Richland 2. (Actually, it's already here.)  R2i2 at 5:30PM. Limited seating. Wear your mask.