Friday, September 27, 2019

Special-Called Board Meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019

Tuesday's special-called off-cycle board meeting (workshop) will be held on October 1, 2019, starting at 5:30PM. This is an official meeting of the board. The public can attended (but you will have to keep quiet.

Based on the Agenda, the board ought to be done by midnight. See the Agenda on the District's website.
Click on EXPLORE;
then on School Board;
then on AGENDA;
then on the icon (looks like a calendar);
then on View the Agenda.

No votes will be taken by the board. There will be no public participation.

Look on the left sidebar for the work for this workshop (meeting). Under "New Business - No Action Requested" are listed 28 (count them - TWENTY-EIGHT!) Policies to be reviewed, discussed and edited). If there isn't too much wrangling and horse-trading, the board will be asked to approve these at its next meeting, which is October 15, 2019.

To read the Policy and see the proposed revisions, click on it. Then click on the .pdf link that appears.

For example, Policy IHCF Childcare Programs. Did you even know that Richland 2 provides childcare for ages 5-14 before and after school hours? At no cost to parents?

Do you wonder why some employee is probably getting paid $50,000/year to change "5-14" to "five through fourteen"? And you're still wondering why your property taxes for schools are so high?

Some deal was made by the previous superintendent with the South Carolina School Boards association to update all the Board Policies? Since when does Richland School District Two have to engage in such widespread nonsense.

I think it was at the September 24 that one of the trustees chided the board about the District's feeling like it must do whatever the SCSBA says. It doesn't!!!

A community or parents' watchdog group should be examining every policy and communicating with board members before policies are reviewed. Give them your input. Your children will be affected by what the board decides.

Show up to hear the discussion. The board may or may not record and publish the October 1 meeting.

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