Wednesday, February 24, 2021

T. Holmes - So proud, but ...

Richland 2 school board trustee-elect Teresa Holmes is oh, so proud of "participating in taping" her part in a PSA for Richland 2 about the COVID-19 vaccine. Why is Richland 2 wasting any time and money on such a PSA? Let DHEC put out information.

She has plenty of time on her hands to make many posts on Facebook as "Dr. Teresa Holmes". I can't help wondering if any are after-hours. The one about her PSA was posted on February 22 at 1:10PM. Wasn't that a workday?

All are reminded that Holmes is not a doctor. She, like "Dr. Jill Biden", holds an educational degree, not one from a medical school. Of course, a little thing like that won't keep her from speaking with great authority about a medical issue, COVID-19.

Check out her picture on Facebook under the hot studio lights. Note especially that she is not wearing any face-covering - neither a mask nor a face shield.

At school board meetings she refuses to wear a face mask, even though every other board member and the superintendent do. (Dr. Elkins (now Dr. Scott) won't attend board meetings because Holmes won't wear a mask.)

Isn't she special?

Feb. 23 Board Meeting - disgusting

Two hours 56 minutes??? Seriously???

As I began watching the replay of last night's board meeting, the first thing I noticed was the nine-minute absence of activity on the recording. At least, there was the courtesy of a notice that the board was still in executive session. The meeting was called to order (00:09:16). The Board Chair did not announce the time at which he was calling to order the re-convened public session, but he did ask for a motion regarding the ending of the executive session. Perhaps it's just careless editing of the recording.

Either no one was listening to him, or all were tongue-tied. Every one of them knows that a request for a motion means a motion is needed. Why is there any delay in making a motion? There must have been a question from a board member about the ending time of the executive session, because Mr. Manning said it was 5:38. Trustee-elect McKie made the motion.

The Board should include the time at which the public session is called to order. And there should be a roll call at every meeting, along with statement that a quorum is present (if it is). There is no need for a motion to end the executive session.

The person scheduled to give the Inspirational Moment had not arrived, and the Chair asked that the agenda be adjusted. It could have been handled much more smoothly and professionally. The Pledge of Allegiance should have been kept at the beginning of the meeting and only the Inspirational Moment moved down or skipped.

McKie admitted that she blew her responsibility of informing the speaker what time to arrive. Seriously? That's part of her duty to do that  How could she blow up that simple step?

Dr. Elkins is now Dr. Scott. (She was out-of-order to mention that while the board was voting.)

The superintendent informed the Chair that Public Participation had been skipped. Why didn't the Vice-Chair or the Secretary speak up? 

Parent Gary Ginn spoke and asked the District to get the kids back in school five days/week.

Jeff Remmer spoke on sports return-to-play.

McKie went on a tirade before actually introducing the speaker for the Inspirational Moment. I suggest that the Chair replace her and select a board member who will give a brief introduction and let the speaker talk for two-three minutes. Unfortunately, McKie likes to hear herself talk, and no one shuts her down. How long was her introduction last night? THREE MINUTES, 13 SECONDS !!! 

After Principal Jackson's 5½-minute inspirational "moment" the meeting continued. (0:33:58)

At this point I skipped ahead to the end of the report by Trustee-elect Holmes on the ad-hoc committee on education. (2:13:00) WHY WAS SHE NOT WEARING A MASK OR FACE SHIELD? Holmes is trying hard to recruit McFadden to "the Squad", interrupting to "make sure" that kudos got out for McKie and McFadden's being on the ad hoc committee.

(2:15:28) Discussion of draft agenda for March 9 board meeting began.

(2:17:21) Trustee Agostini made a Motion to rescind authority of Board Chair and superintendent to change the start time of board meetings. The authority granted in 2020 was due to the state of emergency. McKie made a useless comment about the pandemic. Apparently, she cannot distinguish between pandemic and "state of emergency". McKie led "the Squad" in arguing against Agostini's motion, and the Chair bashed Agostini for referring to the SCSBA and state law without advance notice to the board. The motion failed, 2-5. No surprise there.

(2:26:48) Next, Agostini asked for the face-covering Policy ADD to be added to the agenda for review at the next board meeting. Then formal procedure dissolved into rebuttal by the Chair before there was a Second. Immediately after the motion was made, Chair Manning began discussion with "My concern..." Then Trustee Scott (Elkins) spoke up and told the Chair that the Board has the right to ask for an agenda item and the Chair shouldn't try to quash it. Scott asked for a Second and a vote. (She should have just seconded the Motion.) Manning insisted he has the right to avoid hashing over issues over and over; he doesn't. He is merely one board member; no exceptional authority exists in his role as Chair.

You don't want to run into Teresa Holmes in a dark alley some night. She was nasty, when she tried to jam her opinion down the board's collective throats about some SCSBA meeting in Hilton Head last week-end. Right, Teresa. There is a pandemic. There are real issues. So wear a mask! If you want to wear a face shield, fine; but wear a mask. If you cough or sneeze, you will infect the whole room. WEAR A MASK!

Manning didn't shut down Holmes when she accused one board member of "showboating" (2:31:20) for "one particular person's ego". 

Holmes should have recused herself on the motion, because SHE is the one at whom the motion is aimed. Holmes prefers to wear a face shield and no mask.

Manning called on Trustee Scott and told her that Robert's Rules of Order allows two times to speak (I don't think it limits the number of times, but a speaker must wait a turn if others want to speak)

Caution-Parker weighed in and addressed Agostini directly, which is out of order. Her comments are to be made to the Chair.

And still, all the discussion was before there was a Second!!! Agostini raised this point, and Manning said that Trustee Scott had seconded the motion. (2:36:20) There was no second.

Manning called for a hand vote whether to pass Agostini's motion. All is favor? 2. All opposed? 4. Abstain: 1. Manning incorrectly reported the vote as Failed, saying "one abstention, two nays, and the remainder (4) Aye" (2:37:20). That would make the motion Pass. The superintendent corrected Manning's recitation of the vote result.

I gave up here...