Saturday, July 29, 2023

SCDE Loyalty Oath?

Can you believe this?

The South Carolina Department of Education will conduct an internal session for some employees, and they must stand up, introduce themselves, and complete this sentence, "I believe it is essential for SCDE to provide ______ for every child to reach their full, God-Given potential."

Or, as it says further on in the article, "...God-given potential."

Not every employee was happy about that, and at least one queried WLTX.

Be sure to read Attorney Jay Bender's comment. He hits the nail squarely on the head. Maybe he should go by SCDE and hit a few heads, too. (This statement should not be read as urging, recommending, inciting, or condoning violence on any employee of SCDE (or anyone else)).

Did Llewellyn Sheally not see anything wrong before sending out the email mentioned in the article?

The SCDE apparently tried to say, Oh, that isn't what we meant. Of course, it did. It was compelling speech! Which employee was going to be brave enough to refuse to complete the sentence? Where would s/he like to be employed next?