Saturday, May 21, 2022

Discipline Holmes for her part on 4/28/2022!

Should Teresa Holmes be disciplined by the Board for her part in the chaos at the executive session on April 28, 2022?

Read in this week's BlythewoodOnline what Holmes said that escalated the incident.

Why did Holmes abandon her role as board chair? Why did she strike the first match by laughing while Lashonda was speaking? Why didn't she quickly restore order, instead of adding fuel to the fire? 

Because she was right in the middle of it. 

She could have backed out of it. She could have called for Order. And, if she hadn't gotten it, she could have declared a recess and, because she was engaged in it, she could have stepped out of the room.

But did she?

No, she egged Lashonda on. 

Lashonda has apologized to Holmes, to the board, to her family, to the public. Has there been even one word from Holmes about accepting that apology?

If Holmes hasn't accepted the apology by now, she's not going to. And it's too late now. 

There is a Board Policy about conduct. The Board should admonish or censure Holmes. Will it? Of course not. The majority should. It won't. Even Holmes should admit that her own behavior was wrong.