Saturday, December 19, 2020

Coming soon to a school near you?

Is there any chance that this garbage is coming to Richland School District Two?

Read this article about what is happening in Seattle (and other cities).

Are any Richland 2 teachers or staff getting a sniff of "white privilege"? "spirit murder" of black children? systemic violence? gender-reference nonsense? race-labeling? anti-racist pedagogy? 

It's a good thing I am not a white teacher in schools these days. The first time some trainer yelled at me that I was a racist, I'd get up and walk out. The second time? Take a guess.

How big a deal is racism in Richland 2 school district right now? That is the discussion that is needed. nd does it exist only because of the talk that is generated by the leadership? What if it doesn't exist EXCEPT for the talk about it?

I didn't have the stomach or the patience to stick it out through last Tuesday's special-called meeting. The recorded version of the meeting starts with Mr. Manning's call to order. That happened after nine (9) minutes of silent waiting during unexplained technical difficulties. Watching the recorded version, you wouldn't know about that delay, because it was edited out.

The duration of the special-called board meeting was over two hours! Did they all just sit there like sheep? Did Helen Grant feed them anything that resembled the content of the article about Seattle schools?