Monday, September 6, 2021

Who is W. Allen Nickles III ???

The petition filed by Richland 2 in the S.C. Court lists three (3) attorneys. Prior to seeing a copy of the actual petition, there was talk of only two - Carl Solomon and Skyler Hutto. 

Where did W. Allen Nickles III come from? A quick search of the internet reveals only general information from sources such as,,, etc., and some court cases associating his name, in one case (2000), with Gergel, Nickles & Solomon, P.A. Is he with a Columbia law firm today?

The South Carolina Judicial Branch attorney registration lists him with an address of 17 Creek Manor Lane (29206), which appears to be a residence. Perhaps he has a home-based office.

Did the Richland 2 school board approve giving him legal business?