Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Change for the sake of change?

Why is the Richland 2 school board consumed with making so many policy changes?

Many on the board are learning about board policies, some for the first time. Four on the board took office in mid-November. This is only the end of February - three full months, including the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

I am reminded of the Federal government, where incoming presidents go nuts unwinding what their predecessor spent four years putting together. "Let's rip it up and make our own." Sound familiar?

There is a new Board Policy BBBD in the wind, thanks to that almighty SCSBA - South Carolina School Boards Association. There is NO NEED for such a policy, which would reflect the Governor's authority to remove a board member.

If the Governor proposes removal of a school board member, of what value would a Board Policy BBBD be? If the Governor is going to attempt to do that, no school board policy is going to stand in his way. 

I bailed out the first time when the revision to Board Policy BEDGA came up. I don't know how long it took, but the start indicated a lengthy, time-consuming discussion. I hope I was wrong.

According to the livestream timer, they finished tonight about 9:00PM. Maybe they'll aim for 8:30PM for the March 14th board meeting and aim for 8:00PM for the March 28th board meeting.