Monday, February 8, 2021

S.C. Highest Civilian Honor Goes to Principal

Photo Credit: N. Charleston H.S.

Do not miss this story about the award given to Henry Darby, 
Principal of North Charleston High School. 

Gov. Henry McMaster awarded Darby the Order of the Palmetto, the state's highest civilian award. 

Hoping the information would not find its way public, Darby took on a second job of stocking shelves at night at Walmart. He gave his earnings to low-income students and their families to help with bills.

Once word got out, thousands of dollars were donated by the community, and Walmart chipped in $50,000.

If you care to send a note of appreciation to Principal Darby, the school address is 1087 East Montague Ave., North Charleston, SC 29405

McKie Ethics Debt now $51,800

Amelia McKie's debt to the South Carolina Ethics Commission hasn't gone down since July 2018. In fact, it has gone up!

The Ethics Commission issued Order and Decision No. C2017-023 on July 3, 2018. It ordered McKie to pay. It told her what would happen if she didn't pay. She didn't.

On July 10, 2019 the Commission entered a Judgment against McKie in the Richland County Common Pleas Court. The Judgment Amount is $51,750.

McKie has not paid one penny toward that Judgment.

The Ethics Commission has now added $50.00 to the bill for a late-filing penalty. 

McKie is (sort of) a School Board Trustee in a District with a $300,000,000 annual budget. I say "sort of" because she has never taken the oath of office legally. She is not even legitimately on the School Board. Yet the other trustees allow her to sit in a seat at the board during meetings, pay her a monthly wage of about $800, and even let her represent Richland 2 on the board of the South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA)!

Supt. Davis, over whom McKie frequently gushes during board meetings, frequently speaks about Richland Two's being a "premier" district. Really? Led by a "premier" board? 

Why doesn't he sit down with her and say, "Amelia - look, friend, you really need to take the oath of office and you've got to start paying off your debt to the State of South Carolina."

Is any board member tough on Ethic? Manning? Agostini? Elkins? Caution-Parker? McFadden? 

I'm not going to ask about Holmes. She has her own problems. She too has never taken the oath of office legally and, therefore, is not a legitimate member of the Richland 2 School Board. At least, she doesn't owe any money to the Ethics Commission.

What's the answer? McKie should leave the board. "Resigning" won't be the right step, because she is not even legally on the board. So, she should just stop showing up. And the District should stop paying her. (They should never have paid her (or Holmes) since November 13, 2018.) Richland 2 should appoint a board member in-good-standing to the SCSBA.

Was the Presidential election fair?

How concerned are you with the claims that the November 2020 presidential election was stolen? Do you think there was voter fraud? How much voter fraud was there? Was there foreign intervention in our U.S. election?

Are you as, or more, concerned with whether the election was fair than with who won?

Or is it, as far as you are concerned, "over" because "your man" is in the White House, and your choice for Vice President is poised to take over when Joe Biden bails?

Watch this two-hour program put together by the president of MyPillow, Mike Lindell. YouTube has taken it down, and it's under attack by mainstream media. By my book, when that happens, there is something there to see.

The program is titled Absolute Proof, and it is hosted on Lindell's own website.

Make up your own mind after you watch it. Don't be like one friend of mine who says none of it is true (but won't watch it). She tells me, "Show me the proof", yet she won't watch it. 

As I watched it, I thought about an election much closer to home - The Richland One School Board. How in the world did Tamika Myers spend only $675 and beat out a highly-qualified opponent, Jonathan Milling? How did she get 23.930 votes for $675? FitsNews provides background on Myers. Read it here. Reporter Mandy Matney did a great job.