Thursday, August 25, 2022

Equity Grading - at Richland 2?

Does Richland 2 allow, or require, "equity grading"?

What is equity grading? It is giving a student a higher grade on a paper, assignment, test, etc, than he earned.

Let's say a student doesn't show up for a test or takes a test and answers every question incorrectly. What should his grade be? Zero. F.

But under an equity grading scheme, that student might be given a 40 or a 50. Still an F, but not a zero.

See today's article on titled "Teachers weigh in on grading policies, debate 'no-zero' trend: 'Patently idiotic idea' " To read that article, just click on the title.

What does a kid learn, when he gets a 50, instead of a 0, for no work. Nothing. He hasn't learned to read, understand, repeat, test, etc. He hasn't learned anything except that he got a hand-out.

And what happens later in life, when the hand-outs stop? Rough waters, when there is no one there to bail him out.

So, is equity grading a "patently idiotic idea"? Yes, indeed.

Teachers and staff at Richland 2, let me know if it is in play at Richland 2. Is it in writing anywhere that you must follow such an idiotic policy?