Saturday, February 8, 2020

How should Board vote? Yea or Nay?

The following email is being sent to the five legal Trustees on the Richland 2 School Board and the two Trustees-Elect, who have been serving illegally on the Board since November 13, 2018.

If you agree, please contact the board members now to express your opinions.

Members of the Board and Trustees-Elect McKie and Holmes,

The published agenda for the February 11 Regular Meeting includes this request.

"Administration is requesting changes to dates of two upcoming board meetings:
"March 24 to March 31: This change is needed to accommodate a request from the Digital League of Innovative Schools and Compton Unified School District. These organizations have asked Dr. Davis to present on the equity initiatives underway in Richland Two at the League of Innovative Schools Spring Meeting."

I urge you to vote "No", if/when a Motion is made to agree to the "Administration's" request (the superintendent's request) to change the date of the second meeting in March.

You can do this by just not making the Motion.

If someone does make the motion, you can refuse to second it.

If someone seconds it, you can vote No. Four No votes will defeat it. If a board member is absent on February 11, three No votes will defeat it.

Supt. Davis earns almost $20,000 per MONTH (including nearly $1,250/month car allowance!) and belongs at his desk and on his feet in the Richland 2 School District. He owes his time solely to Richland 2. His going to a California conference to speak provides no benefit or value to Richland 2.

Why should seven Board members change their schedules and the public's schedule to accommodate his wish to go Los Angeles? He is likely to earn a substantial honorarium and expense reimbursement, even as he draws his Richland 2 salary. Richland 2 pays him approximately an average of $952 per DAY, and he should be here to earn it! Every day.

Why should 20 staff members change their schedules so the superintendent can hop off to L.A.? Will he fly there on Tuesday and fly back Tuesday night, or will he "vacation" there for the three-day meeting? Will you pay him nearly $3,000 to go to L.A. for his own enjoyment?

If he wishes to go somewhere on his own time, without interfering with his responsibilities to Richland 2 School District, that's his business. He got a $12,000 raise last year, beyond the standard pay increase, plus a $1,000 bonus this year.

We certainly do not need more liberal, California-based philosophies and ideas in Richland 2 schools.

Supt. Davis reported unknown private-source personal income from both Carolina Educational Services & Consulting and the University of the Cumberlands on his SEI filed last month. Why isn't he required to devote his full time to Richland 2 responsibilities?

The Board Trustees should approve, in advance, any absence from official Richland 2 duties by the superintendent, just as Administration would insist on approving any absence from duties of an employee or teacher. Imagine if a teacher said he had a side-hustle during the work week and wanted time off to handle it. Would the superintendent tell him not to bother to come back?

Did the Digital Promise League Of Innovative Schools approach him, or did the superintendent express an interest in speaking and compete for a slot on its program? Did he already accept the speaking gig?

I urge you to hold the Regular Meeting as scheduled. If the superintendent is absent, direct the Asst. Superintendent to appear in his place. For the small contribution that the superintendent makes at bi-monthly meetings, certainly the Asst. Sup't. can fill in. And dock the superintendent for the days of work he misses.