Friday, May 21, 2021

June 29th - board officer election

Now is the time to start lobbying board members to elect the right people to officer positions on the School Board. The board will elect three officers for the 2021-2022 school year on June 29th.

Who should be elected?

Chair? #1 choice is Lindsay Agostini for Chair. She has strong business sense and good leadership skills. I think you can count on shorter meetings and closer following of Robert's Rules of Order. The introductions for Inspiration Moment speakers will be shorter and the Inspiration Moment will return to a "Moment", instead of a long-winded speech.

#2 Vice Chair? Monica Scott (formerly, Elkins)

#3 Secretary? James Manning.

Lindsay and Monica carefully read the board packets before meetings. This is obvious from the questions they ask and the points they raise.

McFadden was elected last November and is learning the ropes. It's too soon for an Officer position.

Caution-Parker is a "fixture" on the board, just keeping a seat warm. 

No one should be elected an officer who is not a legitimate member of the board. This rules out McKie and Holmes. Neither has ever taken the oath of office legally. Plus McKie still owes $51,000+ to the S.C. Ethics Commission.

McKie should be replaced as the District's representative to the South Carolina School Boards Association, for the same reasons.

Handcuff a 10-year-old?

Should a 10-year-old female student be handcuffed?

The worms are coming out of the woodwork. A student at Springdale Elementary School (Lexington 2 School District) went out of control this week, resulting in her being handcuffed briefly until she settled down.

I don't need to know any more about it. If the girl was hurting other students and emotionally out-of-control, sometimes handcuffs are needed. She calmed down and they were removed. Right?

What the girl ought to be afraid of is what's going to happen when Momma gets her home. That ain't gonna happen, though. Pass the microphone. And open up that new bank account.

Stand back, everyone. Let Attorney Bamberg through. And Attorney Bakari Sellers (if he's back from North Carolina). 

Now the mom is holding press conferences, and local folks in One Common Cause, Black Lives Matter South Carolina, EmpowerSC, the Racial Justice Network, and the South Carolina Black Activist Coalition are all jumping on the gravy train and planning a rally. They must all be connected on social media or speed-dial so that, when one finds a new crusade, they can all hop on.

Look at this idiotic statement from this article in The State

“Handcuffing children is never OK,” One Common Cause CEO Jerome Bowers said in the release. “Using the police to discipline students especially children with special needs is inappropriate and unacceptable.”

This rivals the "Hands Up. Don't shoot" nonsense that started in 2014.

How can Bowers say it's "never" okay? The police weren't used to "discipline" the kid; they were needed to control the kid, who supposedly was having a "temper tantrum".

What would Bowers have the school do? Just turn the kid loose on students and staff until she exhausts herself? Put her in the gym and lock the doors until she can't run and scream anymore? Send in a K-9 unit? Tase her? 

I've got it. The next time a black child is running loose like that kid was, just call Jerome Bowers. I'm sure he'll get things calmed down immediately.