Saturday, March 26, 2022

And school districts wonder ...

 ... why the public is all over them?

Check out this story about the Georgia mom who began reading at a school board meeting from a book from a school's library. For the FoxNews story, click here.

Michelle Brown, of Cherokee County, Georgia, was at a school board meeting, when she was interrupted while reading a passage from a school library's book. The book title is not mentioned in the article, but the passage is described as "sexually-explicit".

A board member told her, "Excuse me, we have children at home."

Does that sound familiar? Haven't Teresa Holmes and Amelia McKie said that? I've wondered, "Really?" Students at home are going to waste their time watching the chaos of a school board meeting? Out of 28,000 students in Richland 2, how many watch board meetings? I'll bet you could count them on the fingers of one hand (and not even use all the fingers).

As I recall, a Loudoun County, Va. parent was shut down at a board meeting there for attempting to read from a book in a school's library or classroom.

I wish I could find one of those books in a Richland 2 library. I'd read from it at the July 12th board meeting.

Put this date on your calendar. I'll see you there. Should I reserve a meeting room for the party? Order cake and coffee? Before or after the meeting? Join me in celebrating the end of Teresa Holmes' Reign of Chaos.

A Richland 2 parent had this to say about this story and Richland 2: "I think the story reflects R2,  if a student or parent uses mild profanity, R2 is outraged. If faculty or staff screams profanity at student or parent, it is acceptable."

Edited: A later FoxNews story identified the book as other than the book mentioned in the Facebook post that I had copied here.

Board Policy KE summary

This morning I posted this summary on Facebook of last Tuesday's discussion of Board Policy KE.

"I was very disappointed in the gross representation of the former Policy KE. It did NOT allow a person to go straight to the BOARD with a complaint. A person could complain to a Board MEMBER (that's not "to the BOARD"). That board member was required to forward the complaint to the supt. If the supt's decision was unsatisfactory to the person, then the person could appeal to the BOARD, and the Board HAD TO hear the complaint. That "right" for the complaint to be heard by the Board is gone now. Thanks to the SCSBA, the Core Four, and the supt. Board Policy KE had finally become known to the public, and the board ran for cover. (Important: I was first told there was no appeal procedure. I appealed my Trespass Notice, anyway, and KE popped up.)"

What is a Woman? Anyone?

Pres. Biden's pick for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, wouldn't even say what she thinks a woman is.

Now, is that someone whom anyone wants on the Supreme Court? 

That not only reflects poorly on her, but it reflects poorly on Biden for nominating her. Did he actually talk to her, or did his minions put her up and say, "Pick her. Pick her"?

People keep telling me not to judge (no pun intended) a book by its cover. As a photographer, I realize that any photograph is just 1/1,000th second of a person's expression. In Jackson's case, I do so judge.

The photographs circulating in conservative news scream at me, "Not that one. Not that one."

Biden previously announced he intended to nominate a black woman to the SCOTUS. That's about as stupid as Richland Two's 100 Premier Men of Color project.

There are ways for a high court's nominee to avoid answering questions that could come up before her in an official capacity later on. Refusing to say what a "woman" is, is probably not one of them.

OK, is Lia Thomas a woman?

All this nonsense suggests to me that I ought to put on a brassiere and stroll into the April 7th school board meeting. When Marq Claxton grabs me and tries to have me arrested, I'll just say, "I am not Gus Philpott, to whom y'all issued a Trespass Notice. I am Frankie Philpott. Now get your grimy paws off me before I have you arrested for sexual harassment!"

If you can get at it, read today's Daily Signal, a publication of the Heritage Foundation. There are two great articles. One is about Jackson.

The other is by Hans Spankovsky and the attempt of the League of Women Voters to cancel him in Akron, Ohio.

If you aren't yet a supporter of the Heritage Foundation, I strongly encourage you to become a member.