Sunday, August 29, 2021

Richand 2: Investigate "DrTeresa Holmes" on FB

Someone mentioned to me the Facebook page of Teresa Holmes, and so I took a look at it today.

The first thing I wondered about was the proud and erroneous line under Intro, in which Holmes identifies herself as a "School Board Commissioner" at Richland School District Two.

She is not a "School Board Commissioner". Richland 2 does not have any school board commissioners. 

It does have school board trustees, but she isn't even one of them - legitimately, that is. She will be, if she ever takes the oath-of-office, legally, before November 11, 2022.

Why would she ever label herself as "Commissioner"? Is that label more impressive than Trustee? Richland One has Commissioners; Richland Two does not.

What is "Assistant Administrator/Guidance/Adjunct Professor at Guidanc [sic] Counselor/Adjunct Professor"? Is that what a Spring Valley High School education gets you? Or a Ed.D from North Central University?

The school board should appoint an independent investigative committee to examine carefully Holmes' Facebook page and determine to what extent, if any, she is violating Board Policy by expounding on school board or school district matters. 

No single trustee can speak for the Board or the District. It is the Board (as a whole) that speaks for the Board and the District. Even as (acting) Chair, Holmes' cannot just expound on district matters without prior discussion and approval by the board. 

Of course, she won't ever have any trouble getting Team Holmes to vote for anything she wants. She will certainly vote for herself, although she should abstain from any vote about her. She can count on McKie and Caution-Parker to side with her, and probably Manning, McFadden and Scott (f/k/a Elkins). Holmes has been publicly disrespectful toward Agostini so many times that she can safely count on not getting her vote.

                           Click to enlarge, so that you can see "School Board Commissioner"