Sunday, May 23, 2021

Email to School Board trustee = harassment?

Jacinda Townsend Gides, a school board member in Indiana, appears to be so afraid of guns that she voted to disarm School Resource Officers in the school district where she is on the board.

I emailed Jacinda Gides about her position opposing SROs, based on her fear of guns. Today, May 23, 2021, she replied: "Heh. When you're going to try to harass me with something I said, at the very least, get the quote right."

Notice her instant leap to "harassment".

I wrote back, stating that addressing a public official about official business is not harassment. 

She replied: "I am an attorney, actually. And you misquoted the Herald [sic] Times, which misquoted me. But your google is as good as mine. You can find the original H/T article and read that mangled quote for yourself. I'm asking you not to contact me, so if you contact me further, that is, in fact, harassment."

The newspaper is actually the Hoosier Times. There are two articles there on the vote by the Monroe County Community School Corporation ( 

There must be a national training for school board members that advises them to threaten citizens with harassment, when a citizen objects to official positions. It was about two years ago that I was similarly threatened right here in Richland 2 School District by a school board member (or, actually, by a woman usurping public office and pretending to be a school board member). 

The case here was that the trustee-elect (who has never, in 2½ years, taken the oath of office legally) was the recipient of emails addressed to all board members as a group. Yet she flexed her muscles and threatened me with harassment. Of course, it came to nothing. She threatened legal action more than once. She must have conferred with a good attorney, who told her she didn't have a case.