Friday, February 24, 2023

UNC-Chapel Hill : no mo' woke

Check out this FoxNews article on the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

University of North Carolina moves to ban ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ statements in anti-woke backlash

Ah, if only Richland 2 would follow suit.

Read the article here.

Whew!!! $615,000 to Baron Davis!!!

I spotted the termination agreement between Baron Davis and Richland 2 on Facebook, before I saw that the District had emailed its FOIA response to me at 4:06PM today.

What did it cost Richland 2 to "accept" Davis' resignation? $615,000.

$415,518.68, less normal payroll deductions; plus
$124,481.32 for 97.75 days of unused sick leave and 22 vacation days, less normal payroll deductions; plus
$  75,000.00 to settle all disputed claims. 

That's about one-half of what he could have gotten, had he held out for 100% of his contract. It was a great deal for him. A $615,000 payday and no fight about it.

Is there any doubt that the bottom drawer of his desk at home was filled with job offers? 

Now Richland 2 has to deal with the mess from the S.C. Inspector General's Report.

Remember, that Report was generated for the time that Davis was Superintendent and that the Board was dominated by four trustees who are no longer there. 

The new board has to deal with the fall-out of that Report and the costs associated with the clean-up.
Read the termination agreement. How many hours were required to negotiate, write and execute that Agreement? What did that cost Richland 2? Did they pay the whole freight or did Davis, since he "resigned", pay for it?

Dangerous? Demented?

 Am I a dangerous and demented individual?

Remember that school board meeting when I complained about too many SROs at school board meetings and too much money being wasted hiring deputies to be at school board meetings.

I think I also said that, if I saw anyone attempting to threaten or harm any member of the school board, I'd be right there to protect them - any of them!

There has not been even one Richland 2 school board meeting where trustees have had any reason to be concerned about their safety.

There was one (February 8, 2022), when school board members should have been concerned for the safety of the public - the audience. Remember that one? Remember the threats made toward the white men in the audience and toward me, even though I was not in the audience?

How did the board handle that? Not a peep out of any of them. No interruption of the speaker by the Board Chair (Holmes) or by then-Supt. Davis or by Security or by RCSD. Holmes even thanked the speaker at the end of his three-minute rant.

If you've forgotten that (or don't know about it), go to the February 8, 2022 school board meeting here and advance the timer to 1:46:03